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Super Achievers,

Elite International Masterminds are AWESOME!

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next Meeting of the Minds and the Hearts


Wednesday, October 2nd
at 1-2 pm USA Pacific
(10-11 pm Central Europe & Africa/morning am Asia & AU )
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Via Zoom
(headset required)

Upon popular request, the laser focus topic this month is:

“Life Coaching”

Co-host: Marty Matika

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The Mastermind is highly exclusive & confidential, and we promise that you will benefit from it immensely.

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Bring your partner!

Looking forward, for you, to meet & share a wealth of resources! ✨

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How to use Real Estate,
to Retire Early!
with Participants

How to use Real Estate,
to Retire Early!

Focus & Ignite

Linkedln Money Secrets

Investments Science

Free Topic

Passive Income

“Wow, I love these masterminds. The caliber of the participants is very high. Thanks to them, I quintupled my passive income!“
Hiro Tahara,
Nobu Executive

“I have been in mastermind groups for 1/2 my life. This is 1 of the best groups in existence. I owe my success to masterminds“ Chiara Rodoni,
TV producer

“These masterminds are like the rolodex for best contacts, best friends, best circle of influence, and best networking“
Dr. Duarte,

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