Karen Bertrand, Toronto, ON, CA – 2010

Karen Bertrand, Toronto, ON, CA – 2010
“When I started with the coaching program in 2005, I as at a very low point in my life and I didn’t even recognize it. I was also struggling with debt – about $$300,000- from my own lack of understanding of money matters and the continual financial support of a young mother, her brother and her developmentally delayed daughter from Bethlehem. During my first coaching session, my beloved coach Elena Pezzini, recognized that I was drowning and threw me a life line. She knew I needed help to deal with the losses that I had over the past few months and that I had to get an understanding and an action plan to look after my finances. She made me realize that I was disempowering this young family by continuing to provide for them and that the universe would provide for them once I withdrew financial support. She was right. She also started me to focus on the “jars” and my financial future. Elena has introduced me to so many new ideas and concepts which have enriched my life that I decided at the end of the 1st and 2nd year of coaching to enroll in the advanced coaching program, only if I could continue to have Elena as my coach! Now I am working on a part-time business opportunity, investing, real estate, health and fitness…Due to Elena’s knowledge, insight, wisdom, experience, maturity, and deeply caring attitude, I imagined in my mind’s eye, that she was an older woman… I was astonished to learn that the significant birthday that she just celebrated was 31 yrs… and that she will be financially free by the end of this year. Although I am 20 yrs older than this beautiful young woman, she is my mentor and my inspiration. I am so blessed to have her in my life! Thank you for everything Elena! Remember… you are the sunshine in many people’s lives, my friend :-“
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