Coaching is a proven system that works all over the world, used by millions of individuals from all walks of life.

Millions of people, trying to survive in this challenging life, however, very few oh them can manage it in order to get what they really want.

Thanks to coaching, twice the free time, and get financial freedom.

Invest in yourself, becoming the person you want to spend less than one coffee a day.
By doing coaching you become a better person, and by becoming a better person, you help not only yourself but also those close to you, your family and your closest friends.

The coaches of You Have Got The Power, are committed to research the most advanced and sought after technologies, to always give you the best results.

Elena Pezzini

Dr. Elena is the founder and CEO of a large international society of Positive Psychology and another non-profit company, both coaching, business consulting and mentoring dedicated to empowering people and their animals to make the Earth a better place.

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Gianni Covra

Coach Gianni has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is passionate about personal growth, wellness and financial and sporting psychology.

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Lucia Tenaglia

Coach Lucia was born and raised in beautiful Italian Switzerland, where she still lives. She works in close contact with the public, thanks to the extraordinary empathy with the clientele, an incredible ability to interpret their needs and desires.

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Fabio Pasquale

Coach Fabio, lives in Rome and in life has always been interested in two things: technology and people. From the first was born the passion for computer science, from the second the interest in psychology and human behavior.

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Chiara Rodoni

Coach Chiara, is the best Italian Coach for artists!
She is Founder and Creative Director of her Lifestyle Brand.
Born in Italy and raised between Milan and Paris. Since she was a child her greatest passions have been Fashion and Cinema.

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Pierpaolo De Sario

Coach Pierpaolo was born in Genoa. After a degree in Law, he began his work experience at the Commerce and Industry Bank in Milan.

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Michele Cumer

Michele is the owner of one of the biggest Internet companies in the world. Michele has engineered and created his own affiliation and autoresponder software, in many international languages.

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Dario Marin

Coach Dario was born in Italy in Trieste where he currently resides.
Since 1986 he has worked for the Banca Mediolanum on investments and capitalization and capital management.
In Banca Mediolanum he is always at the top for the acquisition of customers and turnover.

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Luisa Adelfio

Coach Luisa is Italian-American. Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Luisa has followed the same path since 1990.
She is the owner and manager of a real estate company both in Italy and in the United States.

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Brigitte M. Britton

She is the founder of “The Mega Way”, a certified holistic nutritionist, and a fitness coach.
Brigitte began her research in integrative nutrition and holistic health in 1978, learning to cook macrobiotic and organic foods.

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Paola Garini

Coach Paola is a lawyer since 1997, offering judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in civil matters in favor of private individuals and companies, both national and international. She has always believed in a multidisciplinary approach to the cases, therefore she has established collaborations with other professionals: notaries, engineers, architects, accountants, legal doctors, psychologists, family mediators, investigators, and finally with the coaches specialized for individual areas and sectors of You Have Got The Power.

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