Dana Dildine, Ruidoso, NM, US – April 2007

Dana Dildine, Ruidoso, NM, US – April 2007

“Elena is helping me get direction and focus so I can achieve my goals. With Elena’s help I am back to my Xango business and creating a plan with my real estate to be financially free by the middle of next year so I can help others. I have been selected as a teacher mentor in my school district, did educational consulting and trainings in CA and AZ. I am actively involved in my local church, especially with the music, have taught the kids classes at church, regularly volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico, and volunteered to teach an ESL Class in a local church. This year I went through a divorce. Trouble shooting repairs for the two fixer houses my husband left me and my parents with; as well as court issues, job hunting, and the care of my handicapped mother, I managed to sell 6 properties since when I signed up with the coaching program and to manage the others. During the weekend I was wearing my “Expect Miracles” Shirt and literally I had 4 big-time miracles happen. I market a product called Xango and am thrilled to be able to help people with their health through this product. I am taking my parents on trips to see people they wish to see and places they want to go, as my mother was diagnosed with PD at the young age of 42 and thus missed out on all the travel plans for their retirement years. I am thankful for this abundance.”
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