Doug Chaney, Fort Collins, CO, US – 2010

Doug Chaney, Fort Collins, CO, US – 2010
“Something magical happened! I practiced the 90-Day Wealth Conditioning Program faithfully, communicated bi-monthly with my coach, Elena Pezzini, and continued to visualize the results I wanted. I also changed a dollar bill to a one hundred thousand dollar bill (with magic marker), and put it on my mirror to look at every morning and night. It was amazing how quickly the Universe responded! The severance package that I received was generous, $104,000!! And that’s not all! Our net worth increased $40,000 since July of ’06, and that doesn’t include the severance package. My last two months of sales commissions totaled $23,000! My son took me on a fabulous golf vacation at Pebble Beach Golf Links – all expenses paid – to celebrate my 60th birthday! I have been successful in losing 10 lbs., and staying on track with my fitness program! My great passion is photography, and I had my first exhibition in October 2006. The response to my work was very positive, and I sold two photographs! I am grateful for these results, and attribute my success to a change in my thinking and the abundance of the Universe. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you Elena Pezzini! I am a money magnet!”
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