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Group Coaching

Group coaching is suitable for first timers and for business purposes.

How it works:

Group coaching is a structured 6-step path to cover the 7 main areas of life. Each participant has the opportunity to share their goals, actions to be done and rewards.

There is also inspiration from the ideas of the other members of the group.

The sessions are led by certified You Have Got The Power Coaches, happen weekly, for at least one hour each.

Why do all top performers have coaches?

Because coaches work!
Top performers understand the importance of having someone who supports them, pushing them and giving them feedback on what’s going on in the their life.
And guess what? We, humans, are all the same.
It is human nature to be a little lazy, and it’s hard to see yourself.
A coach is like a mirror that helps you monitor your path, keeps you focused on the goal.

How much does it cost?

Per Month

at only $


instead of $ 297.00

6+1 Months

at only $


instead of $ 1,188.00

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Tal Topel & All Office Personnel