How To Live a Healthy Life In Just 1 Minute Per Day

Hello my friends, this is Dr Elena Pezzini.

We all agree it’s impossible to have a great life, without being healthy, yes?

And we all agree, health affects our career, relations and the rest of our life, and vice versa, yes?

Then, no more excuses! As I used to hear from clients…

I’ll show you that you can start exercising in only 1-2 minutes.


Do it with me now! (you can do so, even while on the phone with Bluetooth)

Neck: circle right, back, left and front, again, and opposite direction twice.
Shoulders: circles and opposite direction
Rib cage: left to write and in circle front & back
Hips: repeat circles
Arms: stretch out and do circles (small & big), both directions
Abdominals/crunches: reach your feet, 10X
Legs: bicycle while on your back on the floor
Yoga: your favorite pose, i.e. sun salutation

I challenge you to start your day with 1 minute of your 3 (at least) favorite body movements!

For the next 7 days!

Get ready for the season!

You can use your favorite:

  • Song
  • Non alcoholic beverage
  • Aromatherapy (candle, essential oil, natural fragrance)

Enjoy your health!


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power

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