Kimberly Kussman, Monroe, WA, US-April 2007

Kimberly Kussman, Monroe, WA, US-April 2007
“With the help of my coach, Elena Pezzini, I am working towards “claiming my voice as an artist”. I had set an intention to create a deck of Oracle cards and I was recently asked to work with another woman to create just such a deck. The Affirmation bracelets I have wanted to create for several years are now a reality and the response from those who see them has been overwhelming. Last January I was living in what I affectionately, at the time, called “my cave” – what most of us refer to as our homes. I decided that I could not go on living this way any longer. I grew up as a “taker” because I mistakenly believed “oh, if I just have this or that, then maybe I will finally be happy” and could never understand why I always seemed to be alone. But the biggest change I have manifested in my life would definitely have to be my finances. I had no idea how this would arrive in my life, but it has. Each day seems to bring another passive income opportunity to my doorstep. The hardest question now is not “what bill do I pay?”, but which investment opportunity will help my friends reach their financial goals and dreams while doing the same for me. I am constantly amazed at the effortless ease in which these possibilities show up. Someone told me several years ago that he could see me working at my current job until I retired and I found the thought extremely depressing. Last June I set the intention of leaving that same job in June 2007. I had no idea how that would come to be, but trusted in the Universe to show me the way and bring the opportunities that would make it possible. I am almost halfway to having the finances in place to make this happen and I know by this June I will be financially free and living a life I could not even conceive of ten short months ago!”
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