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Lucia Tenaglia


Coach Lucia was born and raised in beautiful Italian Switzerland, where she still lives. He works in close contact with the public, thanks to the extraordinary empathy with the clientele, an incredible ability to interpret their needs and desires. It has a rare flexibility to solve problems and find solutions that adapt to all different types of personality.

He has helped tens of thousands of people by guiding them on their path of cultural expansion and leisure, areas crucial to the total success of a person.

Certified as a life coach at Christy Whitman’s International QSCA Academy. She is a schoolgirl of the famous Tapping Into Wealth Coach Margaret M. Lynch. He loves being a life coach for the unique and incomparable surprises that lead to the path of personal human enrichment.

He is fluent in 6 languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Swiss German and has a weakness for the Chinese language.

He has traveled and lived successfully in Europe, Asia also giving a peek into Peru and Bolivia.

Wise and lover of investments in the stock market, natural resources and raw materials.

He achieved a bit of success and a lot of artistic satisfaction through his passion and skill in singing and music.

The combination of life coach and music is a winning asset.

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