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Luisa Adelfio


Coach Luisa is Italian American. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Luisa has followed the same path since 1990.

Owns and manages real estate in Italy and the United States. It has a great international success in the field of home renovations and in buying and selling. The aim is to make the houses more beautiful for those who buy them, and to create opportunities for return on investment for itself. It also has a huge success in the real estate sector, managing the dozens of properties it owns for passive income income.

He has two degrees. One in art in Boston and one in art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy.

All of life Luisa has managed cultural and historical experiences, including artistic history, for dozens of groups traveling on five continents. Every month he shows and sells his art and sculptures in at least three continents such as Italy, South America, and the United States.

His art is therapeutic and healthy, and transmits messages through lessons and coaching of personal development including the physical manifestation of the life of the soul. Use natural resources, excellent for the environment and our planet Earth, such as glass, bronze, and stone. The source of inspiration is coaching and literature, and his works and masterpieces manifest human culture, history and psychology.

Through art, properties, travels, Luisa reveals the deepest secrets of the thousands of people she comes in contact with so that they understand themselves better.

Since 2008, Luisa has completed and obtained certifications with: Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Robert Allen and many others, and has been working with Dr. Elena of Hai Potere since 2008.

Her husband, Dr. Erik, is the curator of the largest museum in the United States: the Chrysler.

His four daughters have studied all thanks to scholarships all over the world and especially in Italy and now they work internationally.

Luisa has followed as a coach about thirty Italian-American clients a month, to reclaim their origins in order to obtain citizenship.

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