Nadalee A. McLean, Tampa, FL, US – April 2007

Nadalee A. McLean, Tampa, FL, US – April 2007
“Here I am this young beautiful twenty six year old with the life that looks as good as it could get, but why do I feel so empty. I know life is what you create it to be or so I heard, but never had that chance to experience this manifest, but I can proudly say “I CREATE MY LIFE…” I thought I created a new beginning with the birth of my daughter. That beautiful day I saw possibilities, I saw change, and I saw joy. See I knew there was something more than the endless circle I was running, but could not see any further, until I walked into the double doors of the coaching program, and got to experience my rebirth, and everyday those far with the help of my coach I am unstoppable. I want to take you back to where I was. I want you to visualize being stuck in mud reaching and calling for help feeling pulled down by the emotions, all the years of unhappiness as a youth, all the years of frustration, all the years of confusion, but when I was able to sit in front of mother with a belly full of butterflies in that seminar and tell her exactly how her actions and my fathers actions stunned my growth mentally, emotionally, financially, I felt free. I felt a hand reach out to me and pulled me out of that swamp and what a rush. With that rush I am spreading the word to as many young beautiful mothers that they too can realize they are more than what they see now. I have helped them by showing them a fantastic business opportunity as well as help them and there family to be healthy through Tahitian Noni International. Once I came out of that swamp of life is a challenge and everything will be hard it’s been incredible to see my yellow brick road being paved so beautiful ahead of me. Here I am twenty six, beautiful, and OWNING MY LIFE.”
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