Regina Martinelli,San Francisco, CA, US, Feb 07

Regina Martinelli,San Francisco, CA, US, Feb 07
“Hi Elena, What I’ve accomplished is: I used your coaching to build the foundation of the life I want to live. You have held me accountable on every call for what I promised to achieve whether it be workouts per week, eating healthy, increasing the number of broker partners I met with to increase my monthly income or to do my homework for PAX, which is my passion. There were times I could not wait to tell Elena, my coach, what I had accomplished or to uncover why I did not do what I said. It’s been a good mirror of who I am. I started my 90-day wealth conditioning workbook listing accomplishments and filling my money accounts. This intensely impacted my attitude at work to the point where I was recruiting people for my team at a level never reached by a “small category of under $1M quota” Regional Sales Manager. I was attracting people to my team at 4x the level for which I was ranked, putting me in the running for Career Builders Club where you recruit 100 people to your team in a year, which only 7 people in the nation accomplish. Also, being only 6 months in my new position of Regional Sales Manager, I exceeded our Team’s annual quota of over 900k when we were far enough behind that no one thought we could do it. This showed when I achieved Key Club status, which for a 1st year Regional is not easy. I decided I was done managing for PAX from the back of the room. Within 3 months I was driving to the Intro to be the production manager when I got a call from the VP stating the leader’s flight was delayed and would not make it. She asked if I’d be willing to lead the 3-hour intro with 1 hour to prep time, no script in hand and never having read the info. I was handed the script 30 minutes before I was to begin. I led to a room of 70 women and had the effectiveness of a veteran leader, 25%. I learned to feel the fear and do it anyway because of my commitment that these 70 women in the room get what they came for; I had to deliver no matter what. I am now leading these intros every time they are held in San Francisco/Bay Area every month in 2007. I have been recognized as a potential leader for the weekend workshop, which is my passion and will be entering the Program Leaders Training course in early 2007. Hence, I am starting my own business to broker notes, in 4 weeks I had a website built, corporate branding, and have sent out my first direct mailer to potential clients, even when I felt doubt and confusion from fear of starting down a new path. I was awarded for my successes through Elena’s coaching at the “Wealth and Wisdom” course in December 2006.”
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