Shirley Austin, Brandon, MB, CA – April 2007

Shirley Austin, Brandon, MB, CA – April 2007
“My coach Elena Pezzini is giving me challenges, resources and information to help me stay focused and reach my goals. The information I receive in regard to investing in real estate has been one of the changes I made. I always invested in mutual funds which are only paying from 8 – 14 % and my new real estate venture will bring much more. At Elena’s suggestion I watched the secret again and again and it has made me aware of relationship building and that there is unfinished business in this area. I find I catch myself more often now when negative thoughts pop into my head and snap out of it. I feel I can give more unconditional loving feelings now. Elena made me aware I still have feelings of self pity and I want to snap out of that. Took a trip in January to my business leadership conference in San Diego and flew first to Palm Springs rented a care and drove myself to San Diego. This is a big step for me as I do not drive often on Freeways. I enjoyed it immensely and now know I can do this and will do it again. I stepped out of comfort zone again and decided to sell my own house. Being is sales business I figured I know you have to find a need and fill it, keep my house spotless and show it whenever. Yeah!!!!!!!I love how Elena keeps me focused on my success and celebrating it!! I have always been hard on myself and realize I must have more fun, celebrate with family and friends. I leave today to spend a week with daughter and sister. I look forward to the times booked with the Awesome coach Elena. Thanks and Love,”
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