What type of Leader are you?

  Are you a happy employee or entrepreneur? Some important researches affirm that 83% of employees are unhappy and want to leave their jobs. Would you like to improve your leadership skills?  Workplaces are changing, right in front of us. Unsatisfied entrepreneurs, generational influences, and the global economy are putting huge stresses on organizations to retain talented employees. […]

The Power of Intentions

  Are you familiar with “The Power Of Intentions”? We create and manifest our reality, consciously or unconsciously. Has it ever happened to you that you wanted something so much but deep inside you didn’t believe that it could be yours and, therefore, it hasn’t happened? We can manifest consciously, so we feel powerful, versus […]

Are you in your dream career?

  We thought about how we (both you and we) can continuously improve our careers… So, today, we are going to share with you some practices, we have adopted personally and with our clients, to improve our careers, so you can have a more fulfilling, quality and profitable lifestyle. Can you visualize it? Career planning […]

How To Create Rapport With Your Clients Rapidly

Why Creating Rapid Rapport With Your Clients? You want to be able to put clients at ease quickly Milton Erikson said ‘Anything is possible in the presence of rapport’ Rapport is a feeling of knowing, liking and trusting someone, having that feeling that someone seems so familiar The greatest breakthroughs with clients will come as […]

Motivation and Leadership

  Motivation plays a critical role in employee productivity and quality. Motivation helps an individual accomplish his goals. The leadership traits of an effective leader impact motivation. Every organization requires leadership. The leader should encourage people to plan and teach the key decision-making factors. Seeing others do well will also motivate him to do the […]

Why you should take part in a Mastermind Group

5 Important Motivations to join a Mastermind Group now Your mind is a river full of ideas but at the same time you don’t know where to start in order to put every single piece in order? You are an entrepreneur or a freelance and you are responsible for making important decisions but you’re not […]

Business Coaching: a growing trend

  Hi Dear Achievers! Today I would like to share with you an interesting and motivating article that I found on the Business Magazine Forbes. Russ Alan Prince, the author, explains the growing trends about Business Coaching. Ready? Enjoy the reading 🙂 “Business Coaching is an educational process that significantly enhances the economic achievement of […]

The Difference Between Success And Mediocrity

  Hi, my name is Coach Dr. Elena Pezzini, and among my coachees (or clients), there are Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 100 executives. All of them, when they started with personal development education and coaching, were not as successful, as they are today. And still, ALL of them, have not yet achieved the level of success they desire in […]

Unlocking the Mistery

The Combination Lock There are 6 Internal Values you need to clarify with yourself to unlock that Flow of Wealth. Would you like to discover them? So, here they are: The first value is PASSION. Passion in what you are doing now and in what you will do in the future. In every specific area […]

Mindset Matters: 3 Steps To A Success Mindset

  I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by my good friend and mentor, Michael, on his Academy podcast. Talking with Michael, who is a very experienced coach, mentor and speaker always raises some great points for me, and this time, it really highlighted the importance of mindset in getting you where you want […]