01.01.10 Elena got me on the right path to getting a CPAP machine so now I’m sleeping at night. Her intuition and her wisdom is phenomenal. She’s helped me with my energy levels… I noticed a big difference. Her true coaching throughout our time together has nudged me forward in amazing ways with my business. I have 4 e-books written, she’s guided me to break the work down into manageable goals that move me forward with my specific business. I’m now ready to begin marketing my nutrition teleseminars with so much more information now that I’ve gotten a handle on my own health in a bigger way. I used to be bedridden with pain and fatigue so severe that I couldn’t care for myself or my children. The learning curve was huge for me with my own health situation over the years, so her fine tuning with sleep and energy protocols was just getting me from good to great in my personal life. She is my best cheerleader. She affirms me all the way, which I really appreciate. I had been coached by the Jack Canfield Organization the year before and they were great as well, but the affirming that comes from Elena is the absolute best I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, on any level. I truly believe that she is an asset to any organization. Elena is great. With love,” Mary-Anne MacPherson, RHN, RNCP, ROHP
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