You are the ⭐️ of your life!

Hello My Dears!

Today I have another short video to share with you…live from Hollywood, California!

I want you to know YOU are the star of your life, and I have 3 important things to share in this video…

1. I encourage you to use the Facebook Groups below to find like-minded and like-hearted friendships, accountability buddies to strategize and mastermind (business, investments, etc.)…
Group 1 ->
Group 2 ->

2. Do a 6 month evaluation of your year so far! Edit your Vision Board, as needed. I.e. increase frequency work out ? 1X a week.

3. Happy Father’s Day!!!! Share one thing you treasure from an important father figure in your life. I.e. Honesty

Please share your responses to #2 and #3 in the Comments below…I really look forward to hearing from you!

To your success!


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power

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