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Power Group Coaching

Via Zoom, on Mondays, 1pm to 2pm USA PT (convert to your time zone). The Group is formed by Elite participants, who interact with the coach and with one another, in order to set and reach all their goals, with fun and ease!

Goal setting creates focus, accountability and speed of completion, achievement, and success.
This is a recurring event that follows and monitors the progress and results of each member 6-step formula for successes in areas of life: Finance, Career, Relationships, Charity, Education, and Health.
Success is maintaining balance in every area of your life, while managing all your resources well.

Power Programs

Group Coaching

A great Group Coaching program works like a compounding formula, to ensure your progress and momentum are exponential, in both, your career, and life.

International Mastermind

Meeting of the minds (and hearts), a think tank, a safe, smart and focused platform to share resources, points of view, contacts, ideas, best practices, opinions, etc. Originated by Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”

Rich Coach University​

Inside Rich Coach University, you will find all the necessary training to create teams of people, who are in love with your company, projects, and goals!

Decade Leader Retreat​

A Powerful Retreat in the Heart of the World: Italy! Why? Because, it transforms your life into your “best life”. Who is it for? For a selected few, who are dedicated to living a happy life, as spots are very limited!

Success Stories

Life changing session. One of the biggest benefits of our sessions is the accountability that comes with setting goals and executing. I definitely see an increase in my personal velocity over the past couple of months. 2) I am getting more and more comfortable sharing non-work topics with Dr. P and trying to talk through things outside of work that are impacting my concentration.

One of the first things that Dr. P and I worked on was understanding what it means to have a personal brand and putting some thought into the things I stand for. That paid off this week during a series of interviews where I didn't have to completely formulate responses on the fly.

Love that our sessions bring me a sense of accountability. We talked about the Great Leader survey a few weeks ago and spent today going over results and brainstorming the implications out loud. I appreciated pointing out that in some sense my people are asking for more feedback on how they are being evaluated which is a situation I've been working through in these sessions.

Our first session and already providing value as I sort through some tactical issues. Looking forward to building our relationship and spending some time exploring other goals.
Salesforce - 2021-2023
Sr. Director, Software Engineering at Salesforce
The sessions are life changing and help me be more effective at work.

I have made 10 out of 10 progress towards the goals I set for myself, as part of this experience.

I really appreciate Dr. P. for making me feel supported and holding me accountable and focused on the right priorities that aligns with the goals that I have.

I appreciate the resources that Dr. P. has shared. Very insightful. It helps me slow down and recognize the importance of my personal care, in order to be more productive and effective at work and home life.

Another great and insightful session! I really appreciate you simplifying things for me. Thank you so much!

I really appreciate her sharing a few immediate options to select from, to begin my journey.

As I shared this morning, I value our time greatly and am grateful for your support! Dr. P. is simply amazing! My team has been able to effectively adapt to change. I feel optimistic about the future.

Google - 2021-2023
Head of Partnerships
I appreciate the support and helping guide me to the realization that I am infinitely more capable and confident than I realized. I appreciate your recommendations on leaving the past in the past and moving forward as the person I know I can be.

I no longer have an option to leave an idea unsaid or miss an opportunity to advocate my own idea.

I valued my time with you and had planned to schedule more meetings with you. Please know you made an impact with me.

My current well-being is 5 out of 5. I made 100% progress since last session and last year. I am successfully navigating through all the economical and organizational changes.

I feel at ease to have honest open conversations with my coach Dr. P. I am looking forward to the following session!
Amazon - 2021-2023
Chief of Staff
Love to laugh and share with my coach. She listens and then provides feedback and asks the tough questions that I know need to be addressed. Then she holds me accountable when a self discovery is made to recognize and make effective changes that I might have been scared to make without the support of a coach. Leave every session feeling more empowered to live my best life!

Appreciate the self-realization and discovery journey that coaching has led me to. Healthy boundaries have always been a struggle in creating without support but has been a lot easier since coaching with Dr. Pezzini.

Thank you for the flexibility and candid feedback from an outside view. It always feels better when I feel heard and get a chance to bounce ideas for improving situations off of someone not connected to situations.

Air Force - 2021-2023
The moment I heard her voice filled with excitement, encouragement and wisdom I knew we were perfectly matched!
She has consistently guided me and I’m amazed at how much I accomplish every day!

Deborah Torres Patel
Asia's leading voice and presentation coach
Today, I just completed my first speaking gig. It was a blast and I felt like a celebrity! Not only did I get paid handsomely for it, but this gave me the fulfillment that I had longed for. I would have not have gone this far if not for Harv and my coach Elena.
Peng Joon
Internet marketing expert
Elena won the award for most committed coach to client's success
T Harv Eker
Author and motivational speaker
Thanks to Elena, I went from a 9-5 job to being my own’s successful business owner
Fabio Pasquale
Google, Italy

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Dr. Elena Pezzini

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A native of Italy, in the 90s, Elena moved to the States to pursue her PhD in Applied/Organizational Psychology and many Coaching, Training, and Hypnosis Certifications. While still studying, she began work as a coach and consultant for a number of Fortune 100 companies…

Power Group Coaching

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from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (USA PST)

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