Marketing & Psychology Internships:

Fast-Growing, multimillion dollar international corporation (with non profit foundation) seeking unpaid intern help – many benefits.


Assist with some marketing (mainly online), a little admin, within the realm of:

  • Industrial Organizational (applied) Psychology PhD
  • Clinical Behavioral Psychology (PsychoTherapy, Counseling) PhD
  • Professional Certified Coaching ICF EMCC and more
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Pet Therapy
  • and more innovative approaches


  • Student or postgraduate
  • Perks, Bonuses and Benefits
  • Access to Fortune companies contacts, clinicians, PhD Doctors, professional memberships, associations, licenses, and certifications.

You will get all the experience you need to land your ideal work! You will get referrals and recommendations by high profile professionals. You will have access to our courses and IP. We offer services in:

English, Italian and Spanish. More languages to come. Own proprietary AI App coming soon. Option for hire, post internship.

In summary, we are looking for interns to help us with internet/online marketing, blogging (copywriting), social media, canva, ads, google ads, AI, and managing other interns.Possibility for hire later.

Many many many bonuses, including free leadership retreats, personal coaching, hypnosis, career consulting, training certifications, courses on psychology of success, professional development, and much more.

You will work with a leading international company in the field of business coaching, mentoring, psychology, and learning/education.

Many of our clients are celebrities and executives of Fortune 100 companies.

The internship is virtual, remote, or online. You can work from your home, office and/or home-office.

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