Welcome to "You Have Got The Power"!

Mission & Vision

The Mission of “You Have Got The Power” is to empower more and more leaders and their animals, in order to reduce their stress, maximize their potentials and precious time, thanks to new, fast, and proven Mental / Psychological methodologies.

The Vision involves and includes the following specific approaches and modalities:

  • Strengthening International Leading communities, with effective coaching masterminds
  • Helping members overcome obstacles, challenges, and fears, through training and development courses, hypnosis sessions, and affiliate and certification programs. Consulting, mentoring, and applied behavioral psychology educational tools, such as books, membership sites and portals, to continue to give back 
  • Using all AI technology platforms (multi lingual CRM, social media, blog sites, as discussion boards & forum, for networking and to create worldwide communities) to connect like-minded and like-hearted world leaders, and share a wealth of resources, best practices, and research findings / new knowledge, and more
  • Ensuring you, as a member, achieve every single one of your desired goals, while supported, each step of the way, by professional master certified coaches and our accountability and tracking programs
  • Increasing your knowledge, awareness, and quality of life, thanks to the educational updates we share with you, so you make the best choice in your personal and professional life 
  • Heightening your happiness and inner peach and upgrade your lifestyle, by utilizing the most innovative and scientific methods in the health industry
  • Supporting you and all members to stay on your desired path, with continuous monitoring programs 
  • Sharing with you & the community, all the best and latest brain / mind research and tools, and continue to give back, to noble cause charities, communities in need, and non profits


Rich Coach University (RCU) is one of the “You have Got The Power” programs. It is the 1st International Online Business Coaching Certification. The modules have been selected among the best ones in the world and have been customized for International leaders. RCU is taught by the most experienced, world’s top executive coaches, organizational consultants, and psychologists.