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Coaching is a proven system and methodology, that works with anyone, anywhere. 

Millions of successful individuals & teams, from all walks of life, benefit from Master and Professional Certified Coaches.

Billions of people barely survive this challenging life; only some of them learn how to manage life well, and thrive and get what they want! 

Thanks to coaching, people can truly feel free and can successfully manage resources: money, time / energy and contacts.

Invest in yourself, invest the cost of a daily Starbucks coffee into personalized / customized life coaching, and become the person you want to become ASAP 🙂
By investing in yourself with coaching, you end up doing more of what you love, and you then become a better person. 

And by becoming a better person, you help, not only yourself, but also improve the lives of others around you, such as your families, friends, and associates.

“You Have Got The Power” Coaches are committed to utilize the most advanced and sought after tools, to always support you with achieving the best results possible!

Dr. Elena Pezzini

Dr. Elena is the founder and CEO of an international corporation of Positive Psychology and a manager of a non-profit organization. The companies are dedicated to empowering people and their animals to make the Earth a happier place to live.

Angelina Wagner

Angelina is a master of brand synchronization and Transmedia storytelling. She has her Master's in Entertainment Business and Bachelors in Creative Writing. Her passion for helping individuals and small businesses reach their fullest potential fuels her exceptional work as a business and writing coach. Angelina is extraordinary at meeting people where they are. She gracefully guides them to where they want to be. She takes pride in arming them with the knowledge they need to succeed and thrive. Her motherly nature will put you at ease while creating a safe environment for growth and acceptance. She passionately believes that everyone can grow from their mistakes and setbacks. It is those things that make them beautifully human. She is dedicated to lifting people up and believes in order to have the best future, we must rise together.

Don Lainer

Don began personally buying and selling Real Estate in 1989. In 2002, Don launched The Platinum Elite Group | Today, underneath Warren Buffett’s Real Estate arm Berkshire Hathaway, Real Estate services include coaching individuals to create a residual income by building Real Estate Cash Flow Investment Vehicles, placing Don’s Clients on a Fast Track to Financial Freedom.

Raj Singh

Raj Singh is a TEDx Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Business Advisor, Investor, Global Recording Artist, and lead singer of an Int’l band. He left Computer Consulting over a decade ago because of his investments working for him. He was chosen to be the honorary Grand Marshal of his city, and has exclusive access to some of the best events in the world. Raj means "King," so it’s no coincidence that he’s truly living a life dedicated to serving others, while treating his clients like royalty. King Raj’s mission is to advise people, like you, on generating multiple streams of passive income, to truly experience life to the fullest. He is the Founder & CEO of the Financial Freedom Mastery Academy, which highlights Money Personalities. To learn more about Raj’s experience and wisdom, read his book titled "The Authorities: Control Money Before Money Controls You."

Giuseppe Speranza

Giuseppe Speranza started his career on Wall Street as an investment banker after graduating from Baruch College of the City University of New York in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Economics and Corporate Communications. After working seven years, including his internships, on Wall Street across several roles including: investment banking, asset management, accounting, and risk management, Giuseppe decided to pursue other passions. He joined a non-profit organization and helped students of color across the country prepare for investment banking interviews. He mentored and coached these young men and women to perform at their best level to obtain internship and full-time offers at some of the world’s most competitive firms and positions. While at the organization, he also took on leadership roles in the Junior Leadership Board. Most recently, Giuseppe has been self-employed trading stocks and operating his own career coaching and trading educational programs. Historically, Giuseppe has always been involved with his community and organizations ever since he was in High School. From helping at the local church to starting his own self-development group, Giuseppe has always felt a responsibility to serve others. In his free time, Giuseppe enjoys traveling to new places, reading books, exercising, and sharing his time with his three canine friends.

Brigitte M. Britton

She is the founder of “The Mega Way”, a certified holistic nutritionist, and a fitness coach. Brigitte began her research in integrative nutrition and holistic health in 1978, learning to cook macrobiotic and organic foods.

Chiara Rodoni

Coach Chiara, is the best Coach for artists! She is Founder and Creative Director of her Lifestyle Brand. Born in Europe. Since she was a child her greatest passions have been Fashion and Cinema.

Michele Cumer

Michele is the owner of one of the biggest Internet companies in the world. Michele has engineered and created his own CRM, affiliate and AI software, in multiple languages.

Gianni Covra

Coach Gianni has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is passionate about personal growth, wellness and financial and sporting psychology.

Paola Garini

Coach Paola is a lawyer since 1997, offering judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in civil matters in favor of private individuals and companies, both national and international. She has always believed in a multidisciplinary approach to the cases, therefore she has established collaborations with other professionals: notaries, engineers, architects, accountants, legal doctors, psychologists, family mediators, investigators, and finally with the coaches specialized for individual areas and sectors of You Have Got The Power.

Fabio Pasquale

Coach Fabio in life has always been interested in two fields: technology and humanitarian sciences. From the first was born the passion for computer science, from the second the interest in psychology and human behavior.

Pierpaolo De Sario

Coach Pierpaolo, after a degree in Law, began his work experience at an International Bank.

Dario Marin

Coach Dario, since 1986, has worked for one of the biggest European and World banks, on investments and capitalization and capital management. In Banking, he is always at the top for the acquisition of customers and turnover.

David Campomaggiore

After 7 years in Airlines, as an executive, he chose to take the path of entrepreneurship, to express his full potentials. He was born in the world of precious metals. He opened his first Gold store in 2010 and, in a short time, he franchised it.

Manuel Sandri

Manuel is a corporate coach for training and support, which he offers to the sales force / staff and people of our companies. Manuel is passionate about marketing, art and design.

Ilaria Baratto

Ilaria is an Interpreter and Translator specialized in Marketing and Public Relations. After her Graduation in Linguistic Mediation, she decided to specialize in: Digital and Content Marketing. She loves everything that includes creativity, content creation and imagination.

Caterina Genta

Caterina is an International performer, author and interpreter of multimedia shows. Caterina is an Energy Coach, specialized in overall Health, Speaking and Confidence.

Holly Hazelwood

With a commitment to fostering mental health awareness, Holly is dedicated to making a positive impact on the well-being of adolescents and young adults. Her academic journey has equipped her with a deep understanding of psychological principles and their application to real-world challenges.

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