Century Leader retreat

Upgrade to
your "best life"

~ July 15-21, 2024

What is the Retreat of the Decade and the Century?

A Powerful Retreat in the Heart of the World: Italy!


Because, it transforms your life into your “best life”.

Who is it for?

For a selected few, who are dedicated to living a happy life for themselves and others, as spots are very limited!


  • You and your people can participate in person and/or remotely
  • Visualization & guided imagery, inside the most gorgeous Castles 
  • Waking up with the the Alps‘ freshest air 
  • Relax on Italy’s biggest Lake, that inspired world famous geniuses, to build Empires, for millenniums!
  • Leadership through animals, as practiced by Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood celebrities, such as Robert Redford
  • The finest biodynamic, sustainable, farm to table foods & beverages, as recommended by VIP Nutritionists and Doctors
  • Doga (yoga with dogs)
  • Double your free time with “sweet do nothing” (dolce far niente) & “life is beautiful” (bella vita) attitudes 
  • Impactful Live Mastermind, Affiliations & team coaching
  • Newest, cutting edge “brain power” exercises
  • Camping under the stars
  • Live opera 
  • Mentorship by International multi million dollar business owners, in 1 of the top 8 most fruitful lands in the world!
  • Reinvigorating beach walks over breathtaking sunrise and sunsets
  • Learn how to increase your life span with world class Doctors
  • Create and keep quality relationships, as taught by renowned scientists
  • Breathe the Renaissance art & culture of thousands of years   
  • and many, many more wonderful surprises, family style adventures, that will shape your future into your best future! 

Enchanting Locations

The Event will take place in suggestive and charming locations overlooking the Garda Lake, such as Acquaviva del Garda.

Special Activities

We are preparing very special and unique activities to make the Leader Retreat not only a High Education / Training Experience but also a Culture and Entertainment adventure.

Lake Castle

Majestic Opera Amphitheater

How to Access?

Leader of the Decade

$ 2095 ~ July 15-21, 2024
  • Leadership through Animals
  • Live Mastermind
  • Team Building
  • Newest, cutting edge "Brain Power" techniques
  • Visioning in Castles on Lake, under the Stars
  • & many more surprises

Leader of the Decade

$ 2187 ~ July 15-21, 2024
  • Leadership through Animals
  • Live Mastermind
  • Team Building
  • Newest, cutting edge "Brain Power" techniques
  • Visioning in Castles on Lake, under the Stars
  • & many more surprises
  • 6 Months FREE Access to *1 Coach World* group / team coaching
  • 1 year FREE Access to *1 Success Mastermind* group / team coaching

Italy Retreat of the Decade FAQs

We will be on Lake Garda (South Part), in the towns of Sirmione, Desenzano and Peschiera.
The most affordable airfares are to Milan. Second best biggest airport is Venice. Those are the closest big airport locations as well. There are smaller airports (Verona, Bologna, etc. but they don’t have as many flights, and therefore less affordable). From anywhere, round trip ~ $300 or 400. Just book them as soon as possible. By booking flights between now and February, you will find very affordable fares.
You can then take the trains from the airports:

Trains are very frequent, reliable, fast and clean. Everybody uses them in EU.
Many of our participants fly into Rome (if it’s most affordable) and then take the train to Lake Garda. Italy is very small and compact. You can get to almost anywhere in a couple of hours with a direct train. You can eat and sleep on trains. There are bar/restaurants/cafe and affordable 1st class tickets with reclinable chairs.

Most of Italy has uber and taxis, as well. Car rentals in Italy are less affordable than in the USA. You can find car rental deals online.

You are responsible for booking your airfare and transportation.

The venue is:


Take advantage of the group discount for your overnight stay at the venue above. Please contact them directly and mention the Retreat.

You are responsible for booking your lodging and staying.

You will be able to to share an Airbnb type of Villa with other participants, if you prefer.

Meals are not included, but we are negotiating the best organic chef possible! 🙂

That is certainly the most affordable way and you can do so in any telephone stores. They use local carries called Vodafone, TIM, etc With this solution, you will get a new local phone number and you have to inform all your contacts, that want to keep in touch with you, that you have changed number.
The other solution, less affordable, is to contact your phone provider, in your country of origin, and ask for the travel plan to Italy, so your phone will roam in Italy and you will be able to use it and keep the same number
The venue where we will be will have WiFi.
The place where you sleep will likely have WiFi as well.

TMobile seems to have the best international and roaming rates.

We may and we will use public transport, or bike, or walk, or carpool, if necessary, to keep costs down, and maximize the fun! 🙂
What would be the recommended attire since there is Yoga and activities with animals etc? Pls bring some sporty clothes, some business casual outfits, and at least one elegant outfit for a fun night out
Itinerary recommendation to explore more of Italy? There is so much to see in Italy. Everywhere you walk has history. Every little village, town, city. We will be in Northern Italy, so you can stay in Northern Italy this time. A lot of local vendors are on vacation for the entire month of August, so research in advance. In big cities, you will still find many retail stores open. You can explore Lake Garda in its entirety, Verona (with live opera), Venice on the sea (it will be crowded and be aware of your purse/wallet, just like any crowded place on Earth) and can explore the mountains nearby, too. Last year we were in Rome. You can do central and Southern Italy next trip.