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Power Tools for Your Mind

A great Group Coaching program works like a compounding formula, to ensure that your progress and momentum are exponential, in both, your personal and professional life.

Replays for you to master new successful career and business habits.

These group coaching sessions have full members’ consensus and permission to be recorded and used for educational purposes

What is Group Coaching?

Scientific studies and statistics show how the coaching industry is the fastest growing industry, after AI.

Coaching in Groups is much more than coaching and being coached…

It’s about the connections, communication, and the community that comes from interacting with your Coach and all  the members interacting with one other, masterminding together, rooting for all members and holding everyone accountable!

This is where the group energy and support lead to rapid upward movement, ongoing motivation, and simultaneous massive success.

Each participant has the opportunity to share their victories, future goals, and promises.

There is also constant inspiration from the feedback of the group. And continuous empowerment from all the realizations, evolvement, and new tools!

Multiple Benefits of Group Coaching

Who is the "Career Team Coaching" Lead?

Elena Pezzini, PhD

Dynamic, motivating Professional Certified Coach, and PhD in Psychology, who empowers and guides clients to achieve their business and financial goals. Coaches hundreds of thousands CEOs of Fortune 10 companies and celebrities.

Group Coaching

What You Receive

Exclusive and High Level Resources:

Live Online Group Coaching Session

The Group is formed by highly motivated participants, who interact with the coach and with one another, in order to exceed all their goals, with fun and ease!

Goal setting creates focus, accountability and speed of completion.
This is a recurring event that follows and monitors the progress and results of each member.
Easy 3-Step Success Formula for: Career & Business.
Success is maintaining balance in every area of your life, while leveraging all your resources well.

Private Growth Community

Private Access to the membership area of this site, to the Private Member Groups, where you’ll find like-minded and like-hearted friends. You can share best practices, celebrate your weekly successes, and ask powerful questions. Sharing is caring!

All Group Coaching Session Replays

If you are late for a session, or if miss it, don't worry! We have reserved a dedicated area for all members.
There, you will be all the Replays, so you can re-listen, if you forgot something, or didn't catch something else. This way, you can relax during the sessions, without having to take notes, unless you want to. This way, you will also be able to fully and actively interact and participate, share your opinion and ideas with the rest of the group.

Exclusive Resources

You will have access to all the other "You Have Got The Power" programs, at a special member discount!
Coaching Resources,
Leadership Retreats,
New Psychological Tools,
and more!

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How to Access?

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$ 97

  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Private Coaching Community
  • Live Q/A and
    Private Facebook Group Community
  • All Group Coaching Session Replays
  • Specials on all other Resources & Programs
  • Access to VIP Affiliate Program

4 Months

$ 297

4 Months
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Private Coaching Community
  • Live Q/A and
    Private Facebook Community
  • All Group Coaching Session Replays
  • Specials on all other Resources & Programs
  • Access on VIP Affiliate Program


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