Jon Rickey, Mukiltio, WA, US, April, 2007

Jon Rickey, Mukiltio, WA, US, April, 2007
“I have been in the coaching program for nearly four months and the results are fantastic. I tend to get excited about opportunities, start down a path but never finish or at least not finish strong. My coach, Elena Pezzini, has shown me my personality type, my strengths and weaknesses associated with my type, and how to overcome my weaknesses and exploit my strengths. The biggest difference in my life though is the realization of what is important to me and how to focus all of my energy and time only to those important things. This realization has not been clear to me until now, with the help of my coach. My coach has given me the confidence to confront people and situations that are holding me back from my dreams, desires and ambitions, and helped eliminate those elements from my life so I have a clear path to success. For me though, the most important reason to join the coaching program is this. I believe that in my life I have always excelled, whether in athletics or academics when I had a coach to not only learn from but to make commitments to. I am now excelling in business and my life. Telling someone other than friends or family about your goals and dreams and then committing to results to that person (coach) is a very powerful tool. It shouldn’t be that way (commitments to loved ones should be enough) but in my case it is not. Having to answer to someone else, weather it’s for weight loss, business or personal development is a huge motivator. I highly recommend the program to anyone that is not achieving the success you desire and deserve. Respectfully,”
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