Our Mission is to empower people and their animals to make the Earth a better place, with positive psychology, coaching, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming, by achieving their wildest dreams and fullest potential in life and by facing and breaking through their fears.

With our Rich Coach University we can offer the first coaching program and the first certification academy to become a coach, in the easiest, most reliable and brilliant way possible (our modules have been selected among the best in the world and customized for our international students. In our team we have  the most experienced coaches in the world, trained by the world’s top coaches.

Our aims are:

  • bring you to achieve every desired goal by being joined by professional coaches (“always win”).
  • Bring each person to a high level of education and understanding to make the best choice in life and business.
  • Talk about positive and stimulating topics to make sure that everyone rises to spread freedom and happiness and bring anyone to live in a better world.
  • Help those who want to be helped. To teach financial education in order to become free financially and not to fall into traps without being able to get out of it.
  • Give others everything we have learned to help them and support them.

Elena won the award for most committed coach to clients’ success

T Harv Eker / Author and Motivational Speaker


Our Vision is to:

• Strengthen human International communities with renewed hope for the future;

• Build the unity of people across cultures and continents;

• Connect people with institutions that can guide them and assist them in their search for meaning and fulfillment;

• Promote awareness of the potential within each of us to achieve great success and make important contributions;

• Respect and protect the freedom of all individuals to pursue their own understanding of the world and all it offers;

• Help others to overcome the obstacles, challenges, and fears that stand in the way of knowing their true selves;

• Learn from others’ experiences, and offer what we have learned in our experiences, via the rich array of modern media, including television, books, magazines, websites, webcasts/interactive classes, and more.

Welcome to You Have Got The Power Team! 🤗