Reta Chalifoux,Leduc, AB, CA – April 2007

Reta Chalifoux,Leduc, AB, CA – April 2007
“What I have done since I started the coaching program: I have more passive income coming in. I asked Elena for information on Foreign currency exchange and Elena gave a persons e-mail address. My husband and I have invested and received a ROI I never knew was possible, higher than anyone could imagine. I have signed up 12 members so far under gold quest and have made passive income by doing that also. Elena gave me information about doing joint ventures with Real Estate Investors. I bought a condo in RedDeer in Jan and received the keys the end of February. I started writing my book about things that happened in my life. The book is called The Little Trooper from 1957; this book is about never giving up no matter what happens. I informed my husband Real what I was doing with the coaching program and told him I was getting a coach so that I could start investing and make passive income. I told him if he wanted to come in on some of these ideas he could if he did not want to he did not have to. My life was not going to revolve around just around his company. After that conversation every thing started to change. Our relationship at work got better. Our relationship at home got better. We, together, had started buying land 3.5 yrs ago we bought 212 acres with one oil lease on it and then 1.5 years ago we bought to more pieces of land with 3 other oil leases. This January we bought 8 more quarters with 9 oil leases on them in total. The land in mortgaged but we are moving ahead and building our goose. Not bad for three months!!! I did a personality type and it said I was introverted, sensing, feeling judging. When I went to Life Direction I went up on stage and shared my vision board with about a thousand people. It was very exciting a couple people helped me of the stage. These people work with energy. I have been writing in my book, the first part of my life was really hard to write about, but I did it. I have been awarded worldwide for all my successes through coaching!”
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