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Are you truly helping your clients with your work, now?

Hi, I’m Elena Pezzini, PhD Doctor in Organizational Psychology and Certified Business Coach, with over 300,000 hours of coaching and consulting. 
During the last decades, along with the other Coaches of the “You Have Got The Power” Team, I have guided executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, trainers and network marketers, from all sorts of industries, where everyone had the same, exact problem. 
They all complained that they wanted to make more money and that they wanted to have more time off. 
For example, Andy…

Andy owned a transportation company. Every single week, he was stuck replacing “sick” drivers and practically spent more than 18 hours a day, between offices and trucks.
Compared to his competitors, he was making considerable profits, but he was not 100% satisfied, because he didn’t have time for his family, hobbies and fitness.
He was home only a couple of hours a day, and when I met him, his wife wanted to divorce him, all due to the time he couldn’t dedicate to himself and his family.
We started coaching Andy, and the root cause of his big challenge was immediately obvious: he could not delegate correctly.

How do you and does one effectively delegate? 
This and all other best life practices are revealed in…

Rich Coach University to beat COVID-19

The 1st International online coaching University that allows you to double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple your free time, in both your profession, and your personal life.

Rich Coach University is the 1st, all online course, that allows you to overcome your obstacles and fears, and finally become a Coach for others. 
If you are wondering why you have to become a coach for your company, then the answer is simple: 
“a Coach keeps his or her team motivated, in order to reach both,  the company’s goals and the personal goals” 
Inside Rich Coach University, you will find all the necessary training to create teams of people in love with your company, projects, and goals!

Our experience has revealed that, in order to have a successful business, you have to make your business work for you, instead of working for the business. In other words, your company's systems will produce profits automatically, even when you are sleeping or are on vacation!

For this, inside Rich Coach University, you will find all the tools to create profitable systems that can replace you, whenever you like!

Inside Rich Coach University, you will find both, the art and science of business success!

You will find all the formulas to keep on track to achieve your big dreams and desires. It is your enthusiasm that motivates your teams and grows your business beyond your imagination!

Who is Rich Coach University for, now?
Is RCU for you, now?

  • Business owners, who want to double, quadruple, octuple, and more, their company profits
  • Experts, who want to be the best, the authority, the "go to" person, in their niche/sector
  • Executives who want to hire and retain the ideal and successful work teams
  • Networkers, who want to affiliate & mastermind with successful circles of influence
  • Parents, who want to improve their relationships with each other, children, children's sport teams, and their extended families
  • Educators, trainers, and teachers, who want to become successful leaders for their students

Which 3 major problems does Rich Coach University solve, during Crisis?

Problem #1

How to find & keep the ideal Teams, at all Times

  • You will know where to find the right help, and how to test them to ensure they truly are the right help that you need, and that they want to help you!
  • You and your team will learn how to keep your company organized, which is as important as keeping your home, or vehicle decluttered and feng shui 🙂
  • You will learn how to best define and describe roles, responsibilities and objectives, in order to keep everyone’s motivation and energy high, and, therefore, save at least 1/2 of your time and your money
Problem #2

How to train & lead Teams, at 0 Cost

  • Your mentee will look up to you and see you as a mentor 
  • Your teams will want you as their coach 
  • Your children will view you as their role model
  • Your collaborators will share your same life and business visions
  • You will be able to attract all the affiliates you want and you will become a Master Influencer on your Blog and Social Media
Problem #3

Productive Time

As all the brightest minds out there, you will also learn how to best delegate anything and everything, to the most competent and enthusiastic person for the task!

You will learn how to keep your collaborators happy and satisfied and how to retain them, for as long as you like.

Course Content - What will you learn, that is evergreen?

Discover the powerful “Power coaching method”! You will be able to follow the simple system. The system is 100% transparent, and therefore easy to apply and implement. You will be able to tailor the Power Method to the specific personality and working styles of your beloved clients, who will then fall in love with your coaching and their coaching results, thanks to you! 

Below are the areas that you will master and will certify you as the Rich Coach!

Area 1 - Money / Prosperity

  • You will manage your Money, Increase your Income and how to make money in your sleep!
  • You will create best selling products and services, worldwide
  • You will retire twice as early
  • You will have fun whenever you like, and travel everywhere, anytime!

Area 2 - Career

  • You will monetize big all your passions
  • You will be a big "fish" in a big "pond"
  • You will monopolize your niche
    You will follow the smartest and easiest plan/strategy to get where you want to, twice as fast!

Area 3 - Relations

  • You will communicate well and effectively with anyone!
  • You will know a stranger in 5 minutes
  • You will be surrounded only by people who believe in you and help reach your dreams

Area 4 - Well-Being

  • You will live long, strong and healthy
  • You will have total wellness (nutrition, fitness, sleep, inner peace, intimacy, and more)
  • You will live without harsh chemicals, eco-friendly, and free of toxins, as much as possible

Area 5 - Life (Fun, Growth, Community...)

  • You will be able to play whenever you like and relax completely
  • You will be funny and have fun!
  • You will have all the time you want for entertainment, creativity, rejuvenation, and regeneration!
  • You will grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and your physical and outer wealth will reflect you inner growth​
  • You will become free financially and free with your time, thanks to all your development, evolvement, and education​
  • You will have plenty of money and time for all the personal and professional development that you desire​
  • You will be able to give back, pass on your learnings, contribute to your community, share your talents, help others, expand your ventures, and volunteer and donate, as much as you want to, to your favorite causes!​

Practical, hands on exercises, workbooks, and necessary templates

PS: The sequence of the modules and lessons is specifically designed 
to guarantee your learnings, assimilation, and long-term great results.

What does the course include?

  • Hundreds of relevant video lessons in English (and Italian)
  • Hundreds of template guides and workbook
  • Thousands of resources
  • International weekly group coaching
  • Monthly Elite International MasterMinds

All the lessons are interactive, as if you were in class 
You will participate fully, learn, answer, write, journal, self reflect, apply, listen, watch, read, play, and have a ton of fun!!!

Course Authors

Elena Pezzini

a Personal Mentor and CEO

A native of Italy, Elena moved to the States to pursue her PhD in Applied/Organizational Psychology. In 1999, after earning it, along with many Coaching, Training, and Hypnosis Certifications, she began work as a coach and consultant for a number of Fortune 100 companies…

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The International Power Coaches

Special Bonuses

  • 1° Bonus: 1 coaching session with one of the certified "You Have Got The Power" Senior Coaches [$2,000.00 value]
  • 2° Bonus: Rich Coach University in Italian [$10,000.00 value]
  • 3° Bonus: Access to 1 month of Power Group Coaching and Elite International Mastermind [$300.00]
  • 4° Bonus: Tens of Best Selling e-books [$1,500.00 value]
  • 5° Bonus: Mind Maps of the best personal development books [$775.00 value]
  • 6° Bonus: Big discount on the International CRM Snake Member [software + consultation for 3 entire years = $1,995.00 total savings]
  • 7° Bonus: Big discount on your website hosting and management [for 3 entire years = $1,895.00 total savings]
  • 8° Bonus: 1 consultation with one of the Power Consultant, Mentor and Subject Matter Expert [$9,000.00 value]
  • 9° Bonus: Access to the International Power Private Facebook Groups

What's the value of the certification?

Normally the Rich Coach University certification course is sold at $9,750.00 excluding the value of all the bonuses, that are sold separately.
Given our goal of helping as many people as possible to become certified Power Coaches, we have decided to offer it to you, at our cost, and offer you the entire RCU certification course + all the 9 bonuses, for a total value of $37,215.00 at:

(our cost) only during COVID-19
$ 197

And reach Your Desired Success like Them!

“Rich Coach University is a gold mine!
Thanks to it, my coaching is now thriving internationally!”
Shahzad Ahmed
“Rich Coach University is a wealth of information! Everything I needed to grow my business, which is more and more successful”
Cheryl Martin
Business Woman
“All these “done for you” templates are exactly what I needed to speak on stages all over the world and find the best VIP coaching clients!”
Raj Singh
Passive income Expert

Why Buy?

Yes, everything has a price and you always have to make a choice and decide (yes or no) for any idea, product or service.

Successful people know what they want and they make decisions fast. Time is money! 

Ask yourself:

Do you want to continuing living a mediocre life with struggles?


How much you truly want to improve yourself, your life, and help others by becoming a coach, a leader?

Then, in summary:

  • Become a good coach
  • You will have a chance to work with You Have Got The Power
  • Shorten your road to freedom
  • Be supported by 1 of the most solid companies, in the field of certifications and coaching
  • “Walk the talk”
  • Fully educate others on personal development and master all the success habits and, therefore, improve your life and lives of many around you 
  • Improve your relationships, your profession, your personal life and the lives of all your loved ones
  • Become an excellent and attentive listener
  • Reduce your stress to a minimum
  • Solve problems and get ahead in life, in a fun and easy way
  • Meet thousands of unconditionally loving new friends: your fellow coaches
  • Do what you love
  • Earn a ton of money by improving your life and the lives of others 
  • Have plenty of money to donate to charity, to contribute and serve your community
  • Learn from the best trainers and international coaches
  • Get certified by You Have Got The Power, world leader in personal and financial growth
  • Take advantage of this limited time deal, which is cents on the dollar, compared to the $100,000.00 that each one of us, on average, spent, to become certified coaches, without considering the tens of thousands of hours of coaching practice, and all the hundreds of certification update courses, attended in the last 3-4 decades 

Initial Modules

  • Module 1: Coach Core Competencies
  • Module 2: Life Coaching
  • Modulo 3: Visualize your Goals
  • Module 4: Financial Freedom
  • Module 5: Health Protocol
  • Module 6: Relations and Money
  • Module 7: How Become a Role Model Coach
  • Module 8: How to Create a Successful Mastermind
  • Module 9: Coaching Agreements - Template
  • Module 10: Reach your Success
  • Module 11: How can client successfully prepare for the Coaching Call/Session
  • Module 12: How important are Rewards
  • Module 13: Intentions
  • Module 14: ER Contacts
  • Module 15: How to successfully use Mind Maps to Plan your Future
  • Module 16: Relations
  • Module 17: Understanding Any Difference Between Masculine And Feminine
  • Module 18: Time Management in Workplaces
  • Module 19: Guided visualization on vibrant health & relations
  • Module 20: Client Survey (1° part)
  • Module 21: Introduction emails from new coach to client
  • Module 22: Success Values
  • Module 23: How to eliminate our Credit Card debit
  • Module 24: Sales and Advertise
  • Module 25: Sales Objections & Rebuttals
  • Module 26: Health and Fitness Challenge

Rich Coach University

For you, special crisis deal, at only
$ 197