Usha Gurazada, Fremont, CA, US – April 2007

Usha Gurazada, Fremont, CA, US – April 2007
“With the help of my coach I was able to systematically work on myself. I started by identifying what I wanted formulating a written plan to achieve it and working on my roots to make it easier for me to get the kind of fruit I desired. Identifying my comfort zone and consciously striving to move out of my comfort zone has been one of the things that my coaches helped me with. As a result I put myself out there and talk to as many people as I can and share my message of Financial Independence with them. Because of my coach I am able to work on areas such as people skills, being direct in a professional way and most importantly working on my mental space and handling my Fear of Rejection. I am more effective with my time management, I have a better follow up system, I work on my skill with sizzling sound bites and elevator pitches…This has helped me become a better person I appreciate where I am and while I strive to get to a better place I am thankful to the Universe for everything I have and don’t have now because it gives me a chance to grow and be more in order to receive more.”
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