10 Fun & Practical Systems To Keep Your Motivation (and the Motivation of the People Around You) HIGH!!!

Hello My Dears!

Today I have another short video to share with you…

  1. Know your VISION and theirs, in clear details. Support 1 another’s vision. Have a current vision board, a joint 1, or share 1 another’s.
  2. Write down your work description. Follow a healthy daily routine, or regimen, with a healthy amount of breaks, playtime, social media time, workout, besides work. Calendar everything. And say “no” to others and distractions, to stay true to your priorities.
  3. Be open to give and receive feedback. Evaluate the feedback and, in the end, make your own decision, pleasing yourself, not others. Care about what you tell yourself and not what negative people say.
  4. Keep learning, and keep up with being coached, and, on your turn coach people you love. Also have your best friend, child, nephew or niece hold you extra accountable on your actions to complete and they will!
  5. Walk in nature & share meals with important people in your life.
  6. Watch an inspiring video on YouTube, google inspirational movies and book and share them with organic popcorn, with the people you love.
  7. Spend some time with different species, animals, at a farm, shelter, or adopt a new pet and save a life. They are always motivated!
  8. Double the amount of your veggies in your nutrition, to give you the fiber, vitamins & minerals to think sharp.  🙂
  9. Do what you love, that’s the #1 motivation and encourage your loved ones to do what they love. Motivation comes from your own heart.
  10. Give yourself and others a nice title, framed certificate of achievement, etc Celebrate and reward yourself and share your rewards with others. OK?

Please comment below and let me know your favorite, out of the 10, that you utilized this month!

To Your Success,


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power