2012: The year of the Dragon!

We are always looking for ways to enhance your life. We are after Results not Reasons.

Look at this statement –> “Reasons OR Results”. which do you think is the most important word in this statement? Did you answer “OR”? If you did then you are right! If you have a Reason then you did not get your Result. And if you have your Result then you don’t need a Reason. Right or Right?

Below find “60 tips for a Stunningly Great Life” which we received from Randy Gage. We think you will agree that it you scheduled these into the BALANCE side of your Calendar, your life would be stunningly great.

Remember to CELEBRATE every task you complete at the time you complete it.


You Have Got The Power!

Your Business Coaching Team

1. Exercise daily.
2. Get serious about gratitude.
3. See your work as a craft.
4. Expect the best and prepare for
the worst.
5. Keep a journal.
6. Read “The Autobiography of
Benjamin Franklin”.
7. Plan a schedule for your week.
8. Know the 5 highest priorities
of your life.
9. Say no to distractions.
10. Drink a lot of water.
11. Improve your work every
single day.
12. Get a mentor.
13. Hire a coach.
14. Get up at 5 am each day.
15. Eat less food.
16. Find more heroes.
17. Be a hero to someone.
18. Smile at strangers.
19. Be the most ethical person
you know.
20. Don’t settle for anything less
than excellence.
21. Savor life’s simplest
22. Save 10% of your income
each month.
23. Spend time at art galleries.
24. Walk in the woods.
25. Write thank you letters to
those who’ve helped you.
26. Forgive those who’ve
wronged you.
27. Remember that leadership is
about influence and impact, not
title and accolades.
28. Create unforgettable
moments with those you love.
29. Have 5 great friends.
30. Become stunningly polite.
31. Unplug your TV.
32. Sell your TV.
33. Read daily.
34. Avoid the news.
35. Be content with what you
36. Pursue your dreams.
37. Be authentic.
38. Be passionate.
39. Say sorry when you know
you should.
40. Never miss a moment to
celebrate another.
41. Have a vision for your life.
42. Know your strengths.
43. Focus your mind on the good
versus the lack.
44. Be patient.
45. Don’t give up.
46. Clean up your messes.
47. Use impeccable words.
48. Travel more.
49. Read “As You Think”.
50. Honor your parents.
51. Tip taxi drivers well.
52. Be a great teammate.
53. Give no energy to critics.
54. Spent time in the mountains.
55. Know your top 5 values.
56. Shift from being busy to
achieving results.
57. Innovate and iterate.
58. Speak less. Listen more.
59. Be the best person you know.
60. Make your life matter.