3 Healthy Habits You and Your Partner Can Share in 2021

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

New year, new you: a phrase you have no doubt often heard. This time of year offers us an opportunity to remake parts of ourselves, gives us hope that only the beginning of something new can bring. Creating a healthy lifestyle — which is one of the most tangible ways to create a “new” version of yourself in 2021 — starts with solidifying both physically and mentally healthy habits for you and your significant other.

1. Grocery shopping: Once overwhelming, now satisfying

Going to the grocery store can be one of the most stressful events in your week, if you’re not prepared. This past year especially, grocery shopping has become an anxiety-inducing activity, with the pandemic looming over what seems like every shelf. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be so stressful. 

Here’s a solution: Shop at your local health foods store or farmer’s market (when it’s in season). Health food stores in particular have a focus on health, so you know you won’t be tempted with the worst kinds of groceries. It has been shown that grocery stores play a role in what people eat. Promotional materials and in-store displays have a psychological impact on what we buy and consume, and when you’re seeing billboards for Oreos everywhere, that can have a subtle But if you commit to shopping locally, you won’t be faced with these kinds of choices. And now this once-overwhelming activity can become a satisfying event in your week, because you know that you will be making the right choices for you, your relationship, and your body.

2. Exercise together

Something else you and your partner can do to foster healthy habits in the new year is to create workout plans that involve each other. You are each other’s support system — act like it! Create a daily workout schedule and help each other stick to the program. This will help you both be motivated to exercise together and will bring you feelings of togetherness.

Working out in the morning — just in general — has been shown to have incredible benefits. You will have fewer cravings, improved brain power, and increased fat burn if you start each day with exercise. Working out with your significant other also offers advantages to your relationship, because mental wellness is closely related to physical activity as well. Burning calories has been shown to be a strong ward against depression, due to the endorphins secreted by your body during activity. 

Exercising with your partner also gives you a shared activity through which you can strengthen your bonds, not to mention you are spending time together, which is always nice. 

3. Evict stress from your home

Stress and anxiety are often unwanted house guests — sometimes manifesting in the very items you have strewn about the house or in the dust bunnies hiding under your bed. Evict the stress from your home and create a more vibrant, fresh space that you and your partner can treat as a sanctuary — declutter, clean, and open the blinds to let the sun in, and you will start to feel the anti-anxiety effects immediately.

Start this year off right

With your significant other, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This year is going to be one of happy, healthy habits, and having each other as motivational partners will  help you go a long way.

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