9 Tips on “How to travel on a Budget and stay Healthy!”

We all want to travel.

It’s important to stay healthy while travelling.

Traveling is therapeutic, it’s medicine for our soul. 

Many great adventures, especially long trips, enrich us with indelible memories and experiences.

To help keep your mind, body and spirit in full health, we are going to share with you 7 essential tips on “How to travel on a Budget and stay Healthy!”

  1. Keep track of every cent spent. It’s best you record every single amount you spend.
    You can do manually, or use apps. Doing this helps to keep you focused on your goals and see where you need to improve on ways to stick to your travel budget
  2. Ask the sellers if they issue a free receipt to show at customs, for tax money to be returned to you, especially if you are abroad
  3. Make a “daily travel budget”. Work out how long you plan to be away for and make up a budget
  4. Ride public transport. Driving vs train vs uber or similar: consider the most affordable transportation.
    I.e. In Italy rental cars are more expensive than in the US, but Italy has a wonderful, fast, air conditioned, and timely train system. Or use Lyft, Uber, or Car2Go / CarSharing, City Bikes
  5. Use Homeexchange.com or similar sites to save on staying/lodging/housing/hotel.
    Accommodation is usually the biggest day-to-day cost of any traveller’s expenses.
    Give yourself extra time to go from place to place
  6. For shopping, go directly to the farms or farmers, such as a farmer’s market, or a farm itself.
    Often, they are located just outside the city. Skip the store (middleman) and save quite a bit!
    Organic or pesticide free is best for your health and the environment
  7. Venture inland, beyond the touristy streets, which have higher prices and less authentic and less homemade food cafes
  8. In case something happens, make sure your health costs are covered.
    Some countries have free health-care, others don’t. Your own health insurance may, or may not, cover you abroad.
  9. Keep your eyes and ears out for potential import-export businesses or investments.
    Great things your country of origin doesn’t have yet and vice versa.

Organizing Travel means managing your time, money and health!