Are you in your dream career?


We thought about how we (both you and we) can continuously improve our careers…

So, today, we are going to share with you some practices, we have adopted personally and with our clients, to improve our careers, so you can have a more fulfilling, quality and profitable lifestyle.

Can you visualize it?

Career planning and management is a must, in order to gain maximum success and happiness, from all the hours you invest in work. 

Developing your talents and skills will enable more of your unique contribution.
This, in turn, can make your career ideal and be like your favorite hobbies, play, fun entertainment, or feel like the best way to spend your free time.

  1. Set goals and, with your coach, create a plan to achieve them.
    People, who are the most successful and satisfied in their careers, have proactively determined what they want from work.
  2. Develop a timeline, including milestones.
    Your Coaches and Mentors will help you schedule your working timeline
  3. Utilize company programs.
    Some companies have formal programs to help employees develop their careers.
    For instance, You Have Got The Power has a charity component, to contribute to our communities, it has continuing education, such as “
    Rich Coach University”, and “Affiliate” programs to help you make some easy extra cash, so you can retire early!
  4. Stay committed to your career path.
    A career path can be discussed at several bi-annual meetings with your boss. Some companies demonstrate a deep commitment to their employees by assisting where possible with resources of time and money. 
  5. Write it down.
    Turn it into a vision board (ask us for free templates) or vision videos, for friendly reminders, “success brainwashing” and faster results. 

Which best practice, out of the 5, will you apply 1st?

We are here to help 😉