Bob Raphael, Seattle, WA, US – April 2007

Bob Raphael, Seattle, WA, US – April 2007,
“The coaching program and my coach Elena Pezzini provide me the focus and discipline to continue on my path to greater success. Elena has helped me clarify my goal and kept me focused like a laser on what I really need to get done. Elena has assisted me in breaking larger projects into smaller steps. With Elena’s prodding, I regularly make commitments and get them done. Elena has helped me bring the concepts to fellow team members in my company. There is a tremendous synergy when you surround yourself with people who have a positive focus, make commitments and let the Law of attraction work for them. My family business had the best year ever in 2006 with a seven figure profit for the first time ever. My consulting business has signed 3 clients in the past month. This coaching has opened my eyes to several new opportunities. I am looking to make two acquisitions of companies with over $15,000,000 in sales in the 60 days. Thanks,”