Brigitte M. Britton


Coach Brigitte is the founder of “The Mega Way”, a certified holistic nutritionist, and a fitness coach.

Brigitte began her research in integrative nutrition and holistic health in 1978, learning to cook macrobiotic and organic foods. Brigitte is able to teach how to buy the right foods by spending less money, organizing the refrigerator, the pantry and the kitchen, helping to develop dishes full of taste and flavors with few calories.

She is able to prepare a personalized plan for the most suitable diet solving weight problems and energy deficiencies. Author of over 7 books on the subject.

She is undoubtedly following her dream; using her time and energy without limits by providing coaching services to educate people that their bodies are truly a temple that needs to be respected.
As coach Brigitte says, “Honor your health, respect your body, transform your life”
She discovered and formulated ingredients and integrated their benefits to help balance the body’s 10 systems: digestive, intestinal, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, glandular, nervous, structural, immune and emotional.
After years of research, experimentation and in-depth analysis, she developed and formulated a replacement meal of revolutionary VEGANA protein, “MegaWayShakes” created specifically to completely nourish and balance the body, mind and soul giving great overall energy throughout the day.

Her diet is sought after and promoted by hundreds of stars from around the world, and has given health coaching to thousands of people. She has saved people from diseases caused by a wrong diet and supports those who have had or have cancer problems.