Caterina Genta

She is an Italian performer, director, author and interpreter of multimedia projects and live shows.

Caterina is an Energetic Coach that through awareness and phsycho physical well-being, you can get Presence and Charming. This is a pleasant and functional way of being in the world and improving one’s relationship skills with partnes, friends, colleagues everywhere.

She graduated in 1994 in dance and choreographic composition at the Folkwang University of Arts working in particular with Jean Cebron and the historical dancers of the Wuppertaler Tanztheater by Pina Bausch. She then went through the Butô Dance, in particular with Tetsuro Fukuhara, and developed her own personal performative and choreographic language.
She knows quantum healing techniques, Feldenkrais method, shamanic rituals and body psychotherapy.
In her experience as a stage artist, model and visual artist, has worked with the movement and with the body as an instrument, has elaborated a way of being in the world that is based on the indispensable unity of body and soul.

To draw on the true vital force we can trace back to creativity, adapt to new situations and find unexpected solutions, we need to learn new paradigms, new cases and, better, feel the body and develop our emotional intelligence. Read the technique of improvisation on stage she learned to trust intuition and manage emotions. Get the full attention of the audience are able to unveil her vulnerability, accept and let go, trust her “nothing”, give up control mania, put her mind, heart, belly in agreement, stay in the process and not in the RESULT.