claudia velasquez

Claudia Velasquez, Roswell, GA, US, July 2007
“Elena, for the first time, my online tracker felt so important and really great to do. What I want in life is even clearer now and very cohesive. Thanks for everything my friend. I appreciate your unending support and encouragement. I am grateful for you guidance…I am at an Internet cafe on in India, pursuing my dreams! My coach Elena, has been one of the most supportive people in the past year, a year in which I turned my life upside down – actually, right-side up – leaving an unfulfilling career, relationship and old way of life to live a full, purposeful and successful life. My focus and efficiency have increased ten-fold as my ability to express my hopes and dreams have begun to come into a tangible existence.” Gianna Piccardo, Portland, OR, US, March 2007