Coaches Make A Difference!

Dear Fabulous Friends,

I’m so happy and proud to acknowledge the fantastic results of several of my Coaching Clients…

Peter GeorgesPeter Georges says:
“Dr. Elena Pezzini is a wonder. When I first started working with her I was confused and lacked direction and focus. She helped me, over time, realize what was important to me for my life, career, and friendships Moving forward, her guidance and coaching let me focus on the things that really mattered in my life. I feel like I have a laser like focus on many goals now.

Dr. Pezzini always had the time and I can honestly say that she consistently gave 10X value. There were so many small changes in my life that she suggested that have made huge positive impacts on my life’s direction. I can truly say that the time I spent with her was some of the most valuable I’ve spent. I highly recommend her help to anyone who needs to get focus on how to take your life to the next level. I know it was priceless for me.”

Gabriele Cascone says:
“Great Private Coaching session with Elena Pezzini, really helpful!!!!”

‎Russel Craig‎ says:
“thank you Elena for our coaching call this morning. I really needed it after a rough week. A great boost.”

Candace Smashnuk says:
“This is my 3rd week on the call and I think it is the people that share that make the difference. What I needed to hear. AWESOME CALL!!!”

Annisha Gabriel says:
“I must say that this evening’s call with Dr. Elena was great…and special thanks to the persons who shared… This call helped me to realize that I need to focus…like one person shared… I want to do so much and because of that I tend to feel very overwhelmed and end up doing nothing… But I Dr Elena emphasized… Focus on just one thing and get it done… Great things are about to happen… thank you guys so much!”

Tammy Gagnon says:
“great call with Dr Elena! this was my second call so far…had to try a few slots to find the right fit…thx for letting me into the group!”

Annisha Gabriel says:
“She was really good…loved her energy.”

‎Sandra Stallaert says:
The Tough Love Call yesterday was just tremendous !!! Thank you sooooo much !!! This changes my life every single day !!! Mister Harv THANK YOU and THANK YOU to all your team !!! I also want to thank Elena Pezzini my great coach !!!!!!


Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Tom Brady had Bill Belichick.


The greatest player in NBA history, Michael Jordan, had argurably the greatest coach in NBA History, Phil Jackson.

Even Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says the MOST sucessful people on the planet use Coaches.

My Clients and I could not agree more!

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Dr. Elena Pezzini
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