Coaching Certification Agreement

This program is between You Have Got The Power/Rich Coach University

and the Subscriber.

The Subscriber, agrees with the following:


  1. All You Have Got The Power/Rich Coach University written modules must be kept with the original logo. 

  2. The certification must be paid in full or in 5 installments before the certification school/academy/University sessions are provided/released. 

  3. All participants in You Have Got The Power/Rich Coach University programs will be both teachers and learners.

  4. You Have Got The Power and Rich Coach University has no obligation to collaborate with the coaches who have been certified by You Have Got The Power/Rich Coach University. If chosen as a contract coach, You Have Got The Power does not guarantee a defined number of clients who will be assigned to the coach. It could range from zero to as many as the coach can handle. This will depend on how much client flow will receive You Have Got The Power, from the performance and qualifications of the coach and from the specific requests of the client.

  1. I commit myself to full participation while learning all the modules. 

  2. I understand that, during my certification, I will not receive any compensation from You Have Got The Power.

  3. I commit myself to professionalism. That is, I show the instructor the behavior of a professional learner who strives to learn excellence, and grow personally and
    professionally, during the sessions. These behaviors include, but are not limited to:
    wearing professional clothing suitable for any video conferencing; completing assigned homework, on time and with the best possible quality; being on time at scheduled meetings; maintaining a positive attitude, showing the team/others a real desire to be there; participating fully, 100%; soliciting constructive feedback and accepting it openly; and always be prepared.

  4. I commit myself to the full cooperation with my instructors of You Have Got The
    Power, to be willing to learn, to follow my mentor to earn their respect, to participate with them in their tasks and activities required.

  5. I commit myself, starting from the first day of school, to change my identities and to start changing my role and identifying myself as a learner. I will think like a learner. I will see myself as a learner, always looking for ways to learn and become the best coach possible.

  6. I commit myself to self-learning and self-improvement, that is, I will be willing to
    learn, I will ask questions, I will ask for information, I will be reflective, I will be open to feedback, I will learn to recognize and declare my strengths, as well as my weaknesses, and to recognize that I will always be effective.

  7. I understand that becoming a certified coach is development and focuses on
    continuous improvement, that is constantly evolving, changing and refining, which often requires an evaluation and modification, that the roles of my teachers can change from time to time, and that I will demonstrate flexibility, and I will contribute information when I can, which could help to improve the program.

  8. I undertake to follow the rules and regulations of the program (i.e. pay the amount of the program, follow the courses, etc.), to participate in the evaluation of the program, to provide information and important data for the evaluation process. 

  9. I agree I may be reviewed, and I may participate in studies related to coach training, and may share my good work with other professional coaches, in conferences and workshops.

  10. I am aware that once I have been certified and I work independently as a contractor, I am responsible for my conduct and I am not insured by You Have Got The Power and I have to do it myself.

  11. I understand that I must complete all the modules/sessions before coaching others.

  12. I release my information to share between Rich Coach University/You Have Got The Power and their coaches without qualifications or restrictions. To respect privacy, You Have Got The Power uses only online contracts protected by word of mouth and security systems managed by the technical team of You Have Got The Power. The user (freelancer, professional coach, company, entrepreneur, employee of a company) agrees not to blame You Have Got The Power, all its affiliates, agents or representatives, for all actions, claims, claims or damages of any kind, either civil, contractual, law or equity, and direct or indirect, arising from participation in the Program. The private user (not an entrepreneur, not an enterprise) agrees not to blame You Have Got The Power, all its affiliates, agents or representatives, for all actions, claims, claims or damages of any kind, whether civil, contractual, law or equity, and direct or indirect (physical or psychological damage) arising from participation in the Program, because coaching is not advice, it is not therapy, but only a plan of action (referring to “What is not a coach” and “What do I need a coach and what is his role?”).

How long do I become a coach following the certification program?

According to our experience, it takes at least about 150/250 hours of practice. You will use our modules to learn how to be a good coach by practicing with your friend / relative or potential client, then there can be a practical “test” lasting 30 to 120 minutes to see if you have reached the standard of You Have Got The Power/Rich Coach University. If you have not achieved the standard, you can still practice until the required standard is reached.

This program is designed for you to be the head-coach in your life and supervise all the work you are doing with the other coaches. Our coaching program has a high level of professionalism, a high percentage of achievement of objectives because we are involved and serious in getting you to reach your goals with competitive prices. We have worked with hundreds of thousands of people with great success. This program is created to go hand in hand with any other program. This program is an indispensable factor for your success!

How is this program different from most coaching programs:

The You Have Got The Power program is tailored to your specific needs. The coaches are selected and assigned one by one to meet your specific needs and goals. The coaches in the You Have Got The Power program are all successful and experienced coaches. The program is designed to help you implement and create changes in your life, you do not train on a pre-established module like most programs but is customized ad hoc. We are focused on results and we have daily / weekly resources to help you create these results.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

The coaches are all certified professionals by You Have Got The Power.

They have experience in training and coaching and have experienced a high level of success in their lives and each of them is experienced in a specific field. They have been chosen as the best among the thousands of international coaches.

What does You Have Got The Power stand out from other coaching programs?

You Have Got The Power offers both the online certification school and the online international coaching school. Our method is the synthesis of the best existing international systems and customized, personalized and targeted for the client’s life (geographical location, social system, political system, economic system, etc.).

We are not an accredited university with the US department of education.

In summary, this Coach Certification (includes relationships, health, business, finances & growth in general) offers the most professional coaching modules customized for the global economy, but also the necessary practice with the client to become a coach Professional and well-deserved certification.