David Campomaggiore


After 7 years of Alitalia as a white collar I chose to take the path of entrepreneurship because I felt that it was there that I would really express my full potential.

As an entrepreneur I was born in the world of precious metals. I opened my first Compro Oro in 2010 and in a short time I created a chain of shops in Rome and its province, OROETIC

I am the founder of the blog sellorousato.com, the one that without presumption can be defined the reference point on the web for those who want to find information on how to sell their gold at the best price without being cheated by Dishonest Gold.

Given the huge following that the blog had decided to publish my first book, and the only one in the industry, “THE TRUTH ON GOLD – Unpublished Confessions of the owner of a chain of Gold Compro”.

With this book in fact I have been against a lot of people, especially those competitors who have felt their backs to the wall because I have unveiled all their dirty tricks with which they fooled people.

I expected reactions of this kind, I took it into account and I would have worried about the opposite.

I was contacted by Rai Uno and I spoke on the most important stage in Europe in the field of business and marketing training.

Today the OroEtic chain has extended its branches to Milan, opening a Compro Oro also in the north.

In recent years my business has led me to work in different sectors, some really very stimulating.

Today I have several companies, I work to improve them every day, always with the look ready to seize new opportunities.

What do I do for work?
Basically I am passionate about marketing and branding strategies and it is what I like to study applying it to my companies