Deborah Torres Patel

” March 18, 2012
At first I was hesitant to register for the ROR program because I have an industry specific coach that I work with on a monthly basis and I had a concern that the level of coaching in the ROR program may not be high enough for me given my current level of success and satisfaction with my life. However, the ROR coaching offer was so unbelievable that I decided to move forward because I figured that even just having an additional accountability partner/coach for such a reasonable investment, was a “no brainer”.

From my very first email interaction, I am happy to say that I was “blown away” by the quality and structure of the ROR program as well as my awesome coach Elena Pezzini. There is no coincidence that I was assigned THE BEST COACH IN THE WORLD FOR ME. She’s 2000% supportive, honors me for who I am, meets me exactly where I am, and elegantly holds my hand on the journey of getting me to where I want to be.

Having a committed coach guarantees I stay focused on my most important business goals as well as assists me in simultaneously sustaining a delicate balance in my personal life with responsibilities of caring for aging parents and in-laws, maintaining a happy, fulfilling marriage and as a mother to our 8 year old daughter.

Since I like being “my own boss”, I thought I would resist the reporting structure of the ROR program but the most surprising benefit to structured reporting for me is that I discovered how much I actually get done. Since I never tracked exactly what I was doing in the past, I never really acknowledged myself often enough for how many big things I consistently accomplish. Acknowledging myself more, celebrating my wins, and having such a fantastic coach as Elena in my corner makes me even more motivated.

My MMI money personality is a MONK. My main reason for the taking on a coach was to get organized because I know my ability to make money is directly related to having the right systems and structures in place. Even though money is not my primary area of focus for the coaching, I still made an additional $58,645.73 USD income this month on top of the consistent monthly cash flow I already enjoy with my business and investments.

My reach and momentum is growing consistently. In the past 30 days alone my accomplishments included:

Launch of my first collaboration book with a major international business publisher
3 full hours of prime time national radio coverage on different national radio programs
3 JV webinars online
2 featured interviews on the largest national television news network in Singapore
2 High level face to face strategy meetings for a new reality TV show in development for Latin America based on my transformational 3-day singing program
Oversaw film production in 5 countries (Italy, England, US, Australia & Singapore) for a music video of a new theme song for Facebook that I co-wrote and executive produced
Worked with what I consider to be the best branding/image team in the world on an entirely new visual identity for my first solo book and my popular Finding Your Million Dollar Voice program
7 speaking/training engagements
spontaneous 15 minute guest bookstore close ratio in another trainer’s room was 55.26%
Bookstore in my own evening preview room a few days ago was a surprising & record breaking 73.33%
I’m having more fun and am more relaxed selling than I could have ever imagined
My mind is clearer than ever before and I have unshakeable confidence in myself and my business

Needless to say I’m absolutely ecstatic about my results! Since I already had success and momentum in my life before coaching, a skeptic may argue that I could have gotten good results without the ROR program. That may or may not be true but I know for a fact that before ROR, I would not have enjoyed the my record breaking results with such grace, ease, fun and celebration with my family and my team every single day.

To contribute my gifts and talents to the highest advantage of others, to consistently enjoy and celebrate wins, to prime myself and my team for peak performance, I need to have THE best coaches I can find to help me to overcome obstacles, master my mindset, take my business and vision to the next level and to play a much bigger game.

With the help of the ROR program and the stellar support my EXTRAORDINARY COACH ELENA, I feel there is absolutely no limit to the amount of material success, contribution, and personal satisfaction that I can enjoy in all areas of my life.

With gratitude & love,
Deborah Torres Patel”

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