Discover now how to have meaningful relationships!


Happy Valentine, or Love Day, Feast and Celebration! 


How are you planning to share and spread the good loving thoughts and feelings? 🙂


Since we are in the middle of the “month of love”, let’s leap forward and see how you can have meaningful relationships!


A meaningful relationship is of personal significance, is healthy, caring, and long-lasting, and is one you couldn’t do without.


It’s with a person who helps you grow, supports and encourages you and is there for you when you need them. 


Do you have meaningful relations in your life now? 


There are 7 Key Characteristics that Meaningful Relations have.


#1 Communication

The key to strong communication is expressing yourself clearly and honestly and fully listening to the other person, seeking to understand what they are communicating (both verbally and non-verbally)


#2 Respect

To show respect, follow this simple “rule”: treat others how they want to be treated.\


#3 Honesty

Being honest involves communicating clear expectations of yourself and the other person, admitting to any mistakes and expressing how you honestly feel


#4 Dependability

To be dependable, keep your commitments and promises and be present for the other person, both physically and mentally


#5 Empathy

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Focus on truly understanding what the other person is going through and feeling before trying to fix it, respond to it or ignore it


#6 Interdependence

Interdependence comes from thinking Win-Win in every scenario–find ways both independent people can benefit from each decision


#7 Purpose

Defining a purpose includes evaluating why you are in a relationship and aligning with the other person the reason the relationship exists


What do you think?

Do your closest relations share these attributes?

How so?

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