Do you want Reasons OR Results?

Here we are in the second quarter of 2012. Can you believe it? So, what did you achieve in the first quarter?

Did you DO what you SAID you would do WHEN you said you would do it? T Harv Eker tells us not doing so is the single biggest reason most people fail to get to their dreams.

The first week-end of the new month is a great time to reflect on how we went in the previous month – Engineers will tell you. “that which can be measured improves.”

Movies and books are wonderful ways to enhance your personal growth journeys. My favorite mentor of all, Jim Rohn, said that if you want the expensive items on the top shelf, then you have to ‘stand’ on enough books to reach them. Charlie ‘tremendous’ Jones said you will be the same person you are today 5 years from now except for 2 things, the books you read and the people you meet. Sadly, many people don’t read the books they need to read or meet the new people they need to meet. What are you reading today and who are you meeting and adding to your network today?

I love movies too – they can teach us so much. Here’s a clip from one of my favorite movies on Success –
Help me help you *** Jerry Maguire on YouTube

Great clip yes? So, help me help you. Stay on track, don’t give up. As long as you are breathing you still haven’t failed. There is no failure, only feedback.

It took a few years to get crystal clear on my life mission – that thing that energizes you every single day.

Clarity is Power. Clarity really means the absence of obstacles – like crystal, clear water. My Mission is to Inspire and Educate people to Live their Dreams. What is yours? What drives you to wake up every morning to make a difference to you life and the life of others?

If you don’t know, then help me help you discover it. T Harv Eker’s Mission to Millions program is especially created to answer this one very important question for you.

And if you do know, then let’s work together to create the Success HABITS that will make the invisible, visible.

Here’s another Success Habit from one of my all time favorite authors – Og Mandino.

Your Mission, should you decide to accept it is to read the Seeds of Success every morning for 30 days.

Remember, it’s OK to say No. If you say you are going to do it, then make sure you DO it WHEN you said you would do it. If you are not going to do it, don’t say you will.

Les Gordon & the Reasons or Results Worldwide Business Coaching Team