Duane Light,Ashland, OR, US – March 2007

Duane Light,Ashland, OR, US – March 2007,
My life has gone through phenomenal changes and growth since I started to receive coaching in 2006. My coach helped me to take leaps and bounds to much bigger levels. I expanded to a downtown office with a staff of four, took on over 120 clients, and became the lead attorney nationally in a specific area of consumer law. I more than doubled my business revenue for the year over any previous year. With my coach helping me to stay balanced with exercise, meditation, music, time organization, learning how to systematize and delegate, and create time for fun and recreation, I was able to handle it. In the Spring I started to visualize a home, two months later I dropped into a multi-year caretaking of an amazingly beautiful Asian-furnished 3 BR home on a hill overlooking Oregon. I have a hot tub with sunrise views, a weight set-up, and also was able to move my office into it, deer in the backyard, for less than $800 a month! I feel very blessed. One of my goals was to be playing the Indian flute fluidly within a year. A month later I recorded a piece for a yoga DVD! My wonderful coach Elena, I am grateful! Your advice is becoming very powerful for me: I just wanted to thank you for the advice …. And it is already making a big difference in reducing my stress, helping me feel supported, and giving me the confidence to keep expanding. Elena, You’re like a lifeline for me right now! All my clients rave about me. Elena: I so much appreciate you in my life. You give me a sincere boost of inspiration, focus and support that is helping me to birth my highest dreams and desires. Last year, I had some of the most difficult financial experiences of my life. Since beginning to use this simple tool, I have had so much fun and making a ton of money has been so easy that I can’t imagine ever going back. This has literally changed my life!