Energetic Stages of Relations and Relationships

· The forms of what most people call God are many
· Superficial passion produces only some income
· Awake from your slumber of mediocrity
· Everything is being sourced in your greatest depth, such as the womb of a woman· Awaken to who you really are; life permanently transforms
· Untangle love from its confusion
· Love is internal energies, confusion

Romantic Infatuation – feel like I’ve known them forever – familiarity;
– When hearts are open wide, then there are little contractions
– Rather than curing yourself, make art out of everything within you
– Faulting your unresolved family dynamics, when they do not matter

Sexual Polarity
– Poles between 2 strong energies, spark between them. You have to keep them alive
– You can cultivate sexual polarity through spiritual erection and through letting yourself bloom

Real Love
– Is not the infatuation
– The pain of separation is pain in your gut
– My heart is your heart as one, not as a spiritual idea
– Ravished open by the great spirit or a higher energy
– BLISS equals to sexual passion and enlightenment
– Men’s hearts and genitals are separate
– Sexuality is the key to FINANCIAL Freedom
– Within each of us, there are masculine and feminine energy

3 Stages of Relationship

· Prison: Stage of Consciousness

o 1950’s – fixated rules – locked into a paradigm – rigid masculine
– Feminine – I’ll do anything if you give me security and love
– Co-dependent, unhealthy relationships; true spirit locked in

o 1960’s – Sexual Revolution / evolution
– Woman’s movement – want our own direction – bank accounts
– Started growing in I love you but I don’t need you

· Parole

o independent women – reaction to yrs of history but something deeply missing – shroud it with business
– Men started growing – New Age Flow Guy – “let me feel” – energy is depolarized after a time
– Awaken your deepest purpose – live it warrior of the light of consciousness

· 3rd Stage

– Knows where he is going
– Brings + has influence into the world
– Goddess – opens as goddess of eternity – a blessing – the beauty is enough – the illusion of the 1st and 2nd stage – we have to do something to be free – one day I’ll get enough love
– You cannot get love- you ARE love; light that shines – love yourself embrace being and woman; you are the secret to life on the planet
– MEN – you are free – you are the eternity that exists – you give freedom; make love a prayer; look beyond their eyes – channel divinity through you
– PRISON – “me” moment
– PAROLE – understand each other – no “other”.

Thank you.

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