Gianni Covra


Coach Gianni has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is passionate about personal growth, wellness and financial and sporting psychology.

It began in 1990 in the fuel distribution sector with a service station and in 2000 it took over another. Today he is an executive and member of one of the fastest growing companies in the tire industry.

Since 2009 he has been the leader in the region in some niche sectors.

Fonda is also a Cultural and Sports Association, and is a secretary and member of the team that operates in various activities proposed by the Club. Married to Roberta since 2006, he becomes the father in 2008 of two wonderful creatures, Nicolò and Giovanni.

He began his sporting career at a very young age; he became passionate about martial arts (kung fu, karate, kick boxing), where he obtained results at a national level. For some years after the agonism he teaches as an instructor.

Today he is a certified Fitness and Body Building instructor and is a black belt Kick boxing instructor.

In 1998 he began to become passionate about the world of personal improvement, from 2006 he began to study with commitment and dedication with the best trainers in the world, in different areas of personal growth.

It is formed in workshops, events and training courses with characters such as Robert Allen (Financial Intelligence), Deepak Chopra (Spiritual Area), Tony Robbins (NLP, Leadership), Harv Eker (Financial Intelligence), Robin Sharma (Team Building and Leadership) ), Roy Martina (EFT)., Roberto Re (NLP, transactional analysis), Joseph McClendon, Peggy Dylan, Alice Erikson (Eriksonian Hypnosis, NLP), follows and studies trainers such as: David Allen (Time Managment), Erik della Parra Paz, Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Andrea Favaretto, Sebastiano Zanolli, Paolo Ruggeri (Business Area with OSM), Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, R. Abarth, Hai Potere and many others.

From 2015 he regularly received financial coaching sessions, with the coach Luca from the school of H. Eker, R. Kiyosaki and Hai Potere.

She is passionate about mental coaching in the period of agony, starting with autogenous training techniques, self-suggestion and self-hypnosis. Today it uses many others such as P.N.L., E.E. (emotional balance), Mental Dynamics, stress and mood management with various methods.

It follows sports clubs like Mental Coach or sportsmen in the achievement of their sports goals (one to one).

Supports figures in the field of business to achieve goals since 2012 as a coach and financial coach.