Guerrilla Business 303

Credits to Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, their companies, Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Before 5pm every day for 90 days email yourself 1-3 answers to these three questions:

1) Results I got

2) Challenges I faced

3) Questions I have

Be an intuitive performer

There are business operators and there are great business operators

*** Environment is stronger than Will Power (change your environment to support

your desires)

Facebook and Twitter – Mauri Smith

There is not a money problem in the world; there is a distribution problem

Use WordPress for your blog

*** Relationships first, business second

Who knows you?

*** Make a grid of people you want to meet, call on a regular basis, or be friends

with. These should be your dream people in the world. Donʼt limit yourself — it could

be anyone.

Whatʼs your footprint?

The next layer is geosocial

Social media is word of mouth on steroids

GBS Notes

Build solid relationships

Facebook Fanpage:

• You can have unlimited friends

• News feed optimization

Questions to answer for you and your business:

1) Iʼm stuck with my social media marketing because…

2) My outrageous success using social media looks like…

The 3 point rule of thumb when posting things to social media sites:

1) Donʼt write anything you would be embarrassed to see on the front page of a


2) Donʼt post anything you wouldnʼt want your mom to see

3) Donʼt post anything you wouldnʼt want to see on Google 5-10 years from now

*** Google Alerts – get notified when someone writes about you

Donʼt carry a fear of negative comments – On your Fan Page you can ban people

7 steps for success on Facebook – Have a clear objective for why you are there

1) Design

2) Content

3) Promotion

4) Engagement

5) Conversation

6) Track and measure

7) Scalability

• Build your email list

• Drive traffic to your WordPress blog

• Sell more products

• Increase event registration

• Get media attention

• Connect with strategic partners

• Establish yourself as a leader

• Improve customer service

Develop personal and powerful super-friends

Design Strategy:

*** – a site that measures your online presence

Be a human aggregator — filter the buzz out there and bring people what info they need

GBS Notes

Share resources that are complimentary.


• Photos, videos, updates

• Short, easily applied tips

• Questions

• How-To tutorials

Your profile picture should have a light background

*** Your Facebook Fan page is for fans, your friend page is for friends

QR Code on the back of your business cards, cool thing

*** Facebook ads are the most targeted traffic you can buy! –

Book to read: Engage! “engage or die” by Brian Soils

*** In the current age, “The nobodies are the new somebodies”

Itʼs all about inclusion

*** – Sends you one message a day with all your social network


Success – Bill Walsh

*** Give your customers so much value they think you’re nuts!

*** Always give some of your best stuff away for free.

Two things from Bill:

1) Get behind the cash register instead of in front of it

2) Have some passion for what you do or you will never actually live

Quality Time – Donʼt trade anything in the world for this

*** When you’re organized, you are productive

90% of your success is marketing

All the negative people have to go – Take out your phone and delete all the negative

people in your life.

GBS Notes

*** When you have a really good plan and you are laser focused, you are


Now is the greatest time to be an entrepreneur

*** Business is all about building relationships

Create lots of value

*** Investors invest in leaders

Your business must have:

• Business plan (be flexible)

• Flexibility in the model

• Become a low cost producer

• Competitive edge

Ask yourself, “What is my value?”

*** Become an intuitive performer

• Become a specialist

• Communications

• Path, purpose, vision

*** Gain the knowledge of the advantages of social media and implement them

*** People who chase money stay broke

*** People who chase value get rich

*** “I am” is a statement of identity. It doesnʼt allow for “try”

To run a successful company you need systems:

• Success plan

• Connections

• Value propositions

*** You are your brand!!!

• Learn to recruit leaders

• Donʼt take any information from anyone who makes less than you

*** Remember, everyone is approachable

With absolute faith there is no fear

“What are your projects? What are you working on?”

GBS Notes

Donʼt get stuck in business conversations:

• Pay them a genuine compliment

• 90% of the conversation is about them, 10% is about you

• Learn instead of listen

• Provide value to the person first. Expect nothing in return

• Do what you say



• Get organized

• Build a mastermind team

Millionaires delegate everything

*** Totally own the space that you are in

What gets measured gets done

Money = everything

*** 524 Rule: 524 is minimum wage for a millionaire.

Each day you get 86,000 seconds. What are you doing with yours?

Donʼt answer unscheduled calls

Quit doing the little things

Partner with amazing people

Ask yourself, why are you creating your business?

Example: “Iʼm creating a simple solution that will help hundreds of thousands of people

communicate better and run a production more efficiently.”

Always live in the present moment

Keith Cunningham – Lunch Session

There is a difference between a business operator and a business owner — be the owner.

GBS Notes

You can invest in things close to your core competence with knowledge.

*** Remember, the idea is the least important part of owning a business. Your

success has everything to do with HOW you do what you do.

*** FOWTW – Find Out What They Want

The marketplace does not care about your passion. If you build a business around

passion ONLY, you will be broke but happy. By helping people and serving a need, you

will make MONEY, and if you are passionate about it, then you will ALSO BE HAPPY

*** Always remember to test, measure and Correct

Fail often, quickly, and small

Experiment in little ways in your business. If it works you can expand little by little

Turn your customers into addicts

*** Ask yourself this: “If 100% of my future growth depended on referrals, how

would I do that?”

If you want a mentor in your life, you have to ask, “How can I add value to their life?”

*** Appreciate your employees. Make them feel like they are a part of something

great. Ask yourself, “How can I attract great employees with vision?”

Then, treat your employees like they are volunteers. Be kind.

What pain is your gismo addressing?

Always remember that business is an intellectual sport.

*** GAGI – Go And Get It!!!

GBS Notes




Investing in something way outside

your core competence is gambling,

not investing.

x*** There are two kinds of businesses out there: Tylenol businesses and vitamin

businesses. Tylenol businesses solve peopleʼs pain and are a lot easier to sell to your

customer. Vitamin ones only make life a little better and are more difficult to sell.

Success – Michael Gerber

Take this seriously. Iʼm not giving you a soul for nothing.

Donʼt mess with my mission!

*** You have to become a systems thinker – It works to produce results

It works so you donʼt have to

Let go of your ideas – build a franchise prototype

*** You should be building your business to “Give what they donʼt have”

Like McDonnell’s, create a system in which any idiot can replicate the results.

*** The system runs the business, and your employees run the system.

GBS Notes



The problem

Everyone tries to find one step to get

to the “Ought” Line. They are greedy

and impatient.

You have to constantly ask yourself,

“What can I do today to improve my


*** Go to work ON your life, not IN your life to build the

perfect system. Itʼs not about you, it’s about them!

“Holy shit, I am free. I have no needs. Itʼs not about

me and never was.”

You are born to create. “What am I here to create? Now what?” Get the tools.

A blank piece of paper and a beginners mind — the way of the new entrepreneur.

Try to find the best way. When was the last time you were in awe?

Social Media – Alex Mandossian

See Handouts for details on Google Placement and social media links

You have to be 100% committed and focused

*** Commitment to finish always beats a passion to


*** You must calculate the Value Per Visitor of your website – VPV

Other useful sites:

• – Alex’s site to his uncle

• – capture video of your desktop (great for how-tos)

• – audio editor for tele-seminars

• – See the past versions of any website. Useful in researching your

competition and leering at where they have been and where they are now.

• – broadcast events or shows through the web. Get your own video

streaming channel and your own .tv address.

• – radio and tv interview report. Want to be a guest? Want to find a guest?

Three questions to boost web conversions (web site makeovers):

1) What do I want my first time visitor to do first?

2) What do I want my return visitors to do first?

3) How do I inspire and influence my visitors to keep coming back?

If you have a video that greets your users when they visit your site:

1) Start with three unarguable truths

GBS Notes

2) What do you want them to do?

3) Why do you want them to do it?

4) How should they do it?

Networking – Joe Sweeney

*** Persistently exceed your clients expectations

Passions is everything

You have to re-frame what Networking is all about

• In business, itʼs all about managing relationships

• Networking = connecting

• Life is about serving others

*** Networking is a place we go to GIVE, not to GET.

During crisis we tend to pull in. This is exactly the time we need to expand (about the

current economy)

Figure out what makes people tick

*** We all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves

• People want to love and be loved

• They want to belong

• They want to have meaning or make a difference

*** People will forget what you say and what you do,

but they will never forget how you make them feel!!!

In networking you must:

• Ask – Ask with the mindset of giving. Make it fun

• Listen – Networking = Listening. Ask great questions

• Act – Many of us ask and listen, but donʼt act. That equals fear

• Believe / Receive – Truly have faith that when you give you will receive

*** No doesnʼt mean no – It all depends on how you ask and remember to ask with

the mindset of giving.

*** How you manage your dark sides is how your life will turn out

If there is ever bad news about something just be honest

GBS Notes

*** Fear ABSOLUTELY blocks us. – Of the 18 top

reasons to not act, not one of them is true!

You can either live in fear or live in faith

Reframe your situation – change your mindset

Ask yourself, “What is one thing that has created fear for me in the last 12 months?”

When you feel in lack and you canʼt give anymore, keep giving

*** What was an example of when you gave and then received more than you


*** Ask / Listen / Act / Believe

*** Create a product or service that is highly desirable,

uniquely obtainable, and economically irresistible.

*** Innovation comes from getting really close to your customers

The 5-10-15 plan:

• Have 5 meetings everyday

• 10 correspondences

• 15 phone calls

• And one gift for someone

*** Differentiate yourself by doing one little thing every day – One little thing can

mean a whole lot!!

Write a handwritten note. It sets you apart from the pack.

*** When you end every phone call ask, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

The difference between networking and not working is one letter.

***You need a wingman. Who is your wingman?

• They have to be selfless people

• Go to them

• What traits do I ask for in a wingman or wingwoman?

Never, never, never make a cold call

GBS Notes

Subscriptions are great gifts. They will think about you once a month for a year.

Everyone will be asking you these questions:

• Do you really care?

• Can you help me?

• Can I trust you?

*** How will you answer these?

Remember: When you hunt an animal, they run. People are the same.

*** When you go to a networking event, pretend you

are the host!

*** Take your relationships from transactional to transformational

*** The only thing between the Haves and the Have Nots is knowledge

*** Experience comes from pain — wisdom is the result.

Accounting – Keith Cunningham

What you canʼt see will kill you

*** Create SUSTAINABLE wealth and success

If you want to sustain wealth in a business, you have to become an expert at measuring

*** Business is a game, and all games have a language

and a score board

If you canʼt speak the language, you canʼt play the game

Business happens to be an intellectual sport. You have to be able to read your


*** The language of business is accounting. Accounting is your scoreboard.

GBS Notes

Have-Nots Knowledge: Let’s call “accounting” 52%, because you can increase your profits by 52% by just

learning the language

The goal of business is not to GET BIG, it is to GET RICH

The cause of getting rich is knowing how to read your scoreboard

*** Accounting is Reporting – financial analyses is about measuring how the business is doing

GBS Notes





Business Owner Accounting

Skills Tools




Correct Execution


Critical Drivers, KPIʼs, Financial Results

Keep it TIGHT

Measure your execution, then you can correct your execution

Measure your KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

*** You will get what you tolerate. “Can I do the least to get the most? How much

can I tolerate?”

*** The quality of your life is a direct result of what you

consider to be non-negotiable and intolerable.

Think about it: all your problems started out as a good idea.

*** If you want what you want, stop doing the best you

can and start doing whatever it takes!

Measure your results and change your activities

Your Business Score Cards:

Things & Stuff always = what you owe + what you own

GBS Notes


Things & Stuff (Assets)

• Accounts Payable

• Tax Payable

• Note or Bank Payable

Owe (Liabilities)

Own (Equity)

• Investments

• Earnings

• Cash

• Accounts Receivable

• Inventory

• Equipment

Balance Sheet – Snapshot in time

***Earnings are Theory and cash is Fact

GBS Notes


• Sales (a theory)

(this is a movie — it changes. For the month of X, or for the

year of X.)

Income Statement (P&L Report) – A Movie

Profit, Bottom Line, or Earnings (the only # you look at)

3 Cash – Fact







Earnings Financing = Cash



1) Balance Sheet

Same #

3) Cash Statement

Same #

2) Income Statement

World Map Street Maps

When you read financial statements, you read numbers, but you should hear words

*** Then you know what activities you have to change

*** Ego driven expenses reduce flexibility

The goal is wealth creation coupled with sustainable wealth

*** Always be on the lookout for what you donʼt see:

That which is running my life

That which is sucking my cash

That which is killing me

*** We live in a cause and effect world – If the effect is

missing, so is the cause

*** You canʼt change a lie

Growing a Business:

• A business plan is a growth plan

• How do I get from point A to point Z?

• How do I create a clear, sustainable path to success?

• How do I go out and target my customers?

Most business owners are terrible at noticing the gap

1) Not enough customers

2) Customers not buying enough

3) Customers buying too much from competition

4) Not enough prospects

GBS Notes

Assets – Assets should produce sales

Sales – Sales should produce profits

Profits – Profits should produce Cash Flow

Cash Flow

5) Not closing enough

6) Sales cycle time frame

7) Lack of referrals

8) No repeat business

The mistake we make is that the business is not growing and we treat it like a one size

fits all

Get clear about the problem, not the symptom

You want your customers to say, “I would have to be crazy to take my business


You have to think about what the real problem is

*** Keep the customers you have instead of focusing on how many new ones you

can get

*** Schedule thinking time – Spend time thinking of solutions

The problem is rarely what we think it is

Sit down once a week for 30 minutes:

• Prepare a set of questions before thinking time

• Figure out what could go wrong, not how can I boost my business

• Donʼt ask how can I attract new customers, ask how can I get my current customers

addicted to me

The nature of a problem is that it is always solvable

Itʼs not the product that makes loyal customers, itʼs how well you can help them solve

their problems

*** Your success will have very little to do with WHAT

you do, but HOW you do it

*** The three Principles of Success

FOWTW – Find Out What They Want

GAGI – Go And Get It

GIT – Give It To Them

FIRST!!!! – Find the pain in the market, what kind of pain it is, and who is having it

GBS Notes

The best thing is when you have a partner who expects more of you than you do

of yourself.

Do not give your customers what you are passionate about, give them what they want

*** Their statement should be, “If I only had ________, I

could solve this problem.” You should be that _____

GAP – Growth Achievement Process

*** Getting from point A to point B requires you to know where point A is!!!

What gets measured is what gets Done, Managed, Reported

1) Success

• See it

• Plan it

• Execute it

• Correct it

• Persist / Persevere

GBS Notes












Or Results

Correct / Improve

A B2) Be willing to make a mistake

• Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly

• Donʼt wait to start until the timing is perfect. Start now

Fail often, fail frequently, but fail small

Buck Minster Fuller once said, “The great thing about mistakes is that you canʼt learn


Every single success is built on the back of some catastrophe

3) Be willing to pay the price

• Success has a price tag

• Decision

• Mastery

GBS Notes

The Lunch Line



Font of the line








Back of the line

First you must get in line. You will

start at the back of the line. You cannot cut. There is no faster way. Most

people feel itʼs unfair and get out of

line, only to get back in later again.

You have to start at the back of the

line and STAY in line. You will make it

to the front of the line!


People*** The quality of your life is a direct reflection of what


*** Hell on earth would be to meet the man you could have been if you had done

what you wanted to do

Most people are lowering their expectations

This is the NEW NORMAL. Whatʼs your reality?

Little distinctions donʼt mean little results

If I want a better life, I must make better choices

For things to shift, I have to shift

*** Stay committed to excellence, learning, and


Growth and control grow oppositely:

• The more control you want, the less you will grow

• The more you grow, the less control you will have

*** Customers are NOT #1. Employees are #1

When you get the tools that honestly work, then you get the results you want



Credits to Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, their companies, Joint Ventures and Affiliates