Have You Discovered The Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind?

Have you ever attended a seminar or event that has been so influential and transformational on your life that it still impacts you for a long time to come? For me, Peak Potential’s Millionaire Mind Intensive has been one of those seminars that has had a lasting impact.

What is it about?

Millionaire Mind Intensive was developed by international best-selling author and speaker T Harv Eker – the author of the book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’. It is a two day program based on principles which he teaches in his books, many of these around the mindsets that we all have around money. Harv has famously said that he can predict how much money a person will make just by talking to them for a few minutes – this comes from knowledge of what attitudes and ideas lead to a money-making mindset.

The point of Millionaire Mind Intensive is that while we do carry around attitudes to money and wealth that we probably developed at a very young age, it is possible to let go of anything that is holding us back so that we are able to adopt healthy habits and attitudes which will help build wealth rather than cast it away.

What will you learn?

We each have within us a ‘Money Blueprint’ which dictates whether we will go through life struggling and repelling money or attracting wealth and good things to us. Millionaire Mind Intensive teaches that the problems we face in terms of building wealth are often internal rather than external. You can blame the economy or any other circumstance you like, but in the end your internal money blueprint is what leads you to success or failure financially.

Millionaire Mind Intensive is about breaking down the components which make up your internal ‘money blueprint’, otherwise you could be stuck with it for the rest of your life. You will learn how you can reset your blueprint to put you on the track of financial freedom.

Apart from working on the internal factors which affect wealth, you learn a very easy money management system and how to take practical steps to achieve whatever number means financial freedom to you. Another component which is important to learn is around mastering money relationships with spouses, business partners and kids – don’t let money matters ruin relationships!

What else should you know?

Millionaire Mind Intensive is a high-energy program which involves starting early in the morning and usually finishing well into the evening each day. The learning around your own personal money blocks alone is a valuable enough reason to go, but the practical value makes it even better. You should also know that as this is a Peak Potentials course, they do take the opportunity while you are there to sell further courses. Having done some of these also I can attest to the fact that they offer many great courses, but go along prepared to be offered further training, usually at highly discounted rates.

I still use practical ideas gleaned through attending Millionaire Mind Intensive, so for me this event has had a lasting impact. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!