How to keep staff & personnel motivation high?

Here is a guide, step by step, on employee & contractor management, for Real Estate Entrepreneurs


Make what you love and your passions, into your mission in life, your “calling” and your purpose!
This is the number 1 motivation! Encourage your staff to do what they love. Motivation comes from your heart.

Motivation is the reason for people’s desires, wants & needs, decisions, and, ultimately, actions. The motivation is also the direction towards behavior or what causes a person to want to repeat it.

An individual is not motivated by another individual or external object. Motivation comes from within the individual.

It is important to understand our own strengths and also others’, and to keep strengthening them!

Vision and sharing

It is vital, for overall success, that every worker knows the vision of the rest of the staff and colleagues, for mutual support.

Every individual must feel important, confident, satisfied, loyal, valued, and heard.

The whole team must share the same clear and aligned vision, in every project. In other words, in a company, everyone must be part of the same vision and have the same objectives.

Create a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and, finally, annual  year view.

For example, what is the big vision, long term, in the career of an assistant? Is it to become a manager? This, or any other higher role, or position, is often very motivating and stimulating for employees!

Identify what is the long-term, big vision in the careers of collaborators, who are part of your real estate organization, such as your property management company, real estate brokerage, etc.

For instance, what is the big, long term dream, in the career of a commercial or residential real estate agent?

Here is an example of a “vision board”:


Make a copy to modify it and adapt it to your vision. If you need a power point template, we can email it to you. You can do this fun exercise alone, or with family, friends and co-workers, and will allow you to understand how your visions are aligned, which common grounds they share, and will allow you to support one another.


Add images by dragging and dropping from,, (and if you keep them for yourself, due to possible copyright issues), into your vision board. On these sites, type a keyword, and search for images. For example, search for “happy intimate relationship”. You can resize and move the image, as you like.

For a paper vision board, you can print out the images.

For either, paper, or digital, vision board, you must add words, and dates, as well. You may change the background color of your board, just like a mat of a framed art piece.

Be creative and always very specific with your visions. Or you will concretize something vague. Remember to save the file, after your creation! Or use which does auto-save.

Mind maps 

If you find it easier, or better, to use the maps, search “mind map”on Google, where you will find free software.


In addition, you can make a video with applications on your smartphone, or with your computer software. provides great examples of vision videos, to ignite your wildest dreams and imagination.

Have fun, smile, and share your creations with your coach, coaches, manager, and loved ones.

Always keep your Vision Board with you and in front of you

You can print it out when it’s complete and put it everywhere (mirror, wallet, fridge, dashboard / car visor, whiteboard, blackboard, etc.). You can use the digital board, as wallpaper background on your mobile phone and, as screensaver on your computer.

You have the power to be whomever you want to be, and to do and have whatever you want!

In the next issue…

We will talk about Fun, easy & Massive GoalsGrowth, Organizational Charts, Feedback and Super-Achiever Training & Coaching.

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