How to Kickstart Health Habits that Stick

There’s an art to developing new habits, especially healthy ones. It’s not easy to change your routine, but there are tricks that can help you make small changes that will eventually turn into habits. Use this guide to learn ways to fit healthy habits into your lifestyle that will stay with you for a long time. 

Nutrition tips

Food is a deeply emotional subject for many people, which is why it can be so hard to make changes to your diet. However, if the approach incorporates bite-sized tweaks, you’ll see broader changes over the long term. 

There are few ways to get started, depending on what works best for you. One small change you can make is by substituting some of your go-to items. For example, if consistent snacking is a problem for you, start by switching out your snacks to be more healthy. Stay away from salty potato chips, and opt for cucumber and hummus instead. If you love a sweet treat after a savory meal, swap out your cookies and ice cream for a sweet fruit such as apples or oranges.

One healthy nutrition habit to start revolves around your grocery shopping. Grocery stores are often designed in similar ways: fruits and veggies are on the outskirts, while processed, nutrient-starved snacks and boxed-meals are in the center. Steer your shopping cart along the edges during your shopping trips to avoid temptation.
Most people don’t get nearly enough vegetables each day, so consider adding a green supplement to your meal plan. Greens powder can be incredible weight loss, energy increases, and will promote your health and wellbeing. As an added bonus, you’ll also meet your daily nutritional requirements from fruits and vegetables in one sitting.

Exercising habits

The New Year always brings fresh resolve to people who want to exercise more. However, according to research, most people give up their New Year’s fitness resolution just three weeks into January. One big reason that people fall off the wagon so soon is because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. 

If you want to kickstart a new fitness routine, be realistic and measured in your approach. If you join a gym and put pressure on yourself to go every other day, eventually you’ll crack. It’s unsustainable to make such a big change, and the momentum will wane before you see any real progress.

Instead of falling on the bandwagon of extreme fitness goals, try to take small steps. The hardest part is getting started. Even if it’s just for a day a week, you’ll be giving yourself a manageable challenge. If you stick to it after a month, maybe add a second day per week. Keep a fitness journal to help you track your progress, and be sure to reward yourself when you reach your goals and benchmarks.

One way to make exercise more fun is by pairing your routines with a friend. You can choose to take walks outside together or even do a workout together on Zoom. If you can’t go to the gym, try out some fun online classes such as yoga or pilates.

Starting new habits will take some time, but with a measured approach, you’ll be far more successful. Make small changes such as avoiding processed foods or exercising once per week, and add on new healthy habits as you feel ready. Be compassionate toward yourself, and reward yourself for making healthy choices.
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