How to Travel on a Budget AND Stay Healthy

Ciao from my homeland of Italy!

As I travel through Italy speaking & writing, I want to share a quick video I recorded for you with some easy and pratical tips how to travel on a budget AND stay healthy while traveling…

11 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

  1. Budget for a yearly long vacation, or big vacation, in a separate “jar” or bank account, called something like LTSS (long term saving for spending – as taught by Harv).
  2. Use or similar sites to save on staying/lodging/housing/hotel.
  3. Currency conversion: keep an eye, prior to your trip, on the exchange rate with the currency of your destination and, exchange at the best possible times.
  4. Opening bank accounts in other countries: to have easy and secure access to cash, and avoid conversion and other fees.
  5. Look for investment opportunities, trends: look for differences, ways other country have improved things, new solutions that are not in your home country, yet and you can be the 1st to bring them, or to broker them, or to invest into.
  6. Health insurance in other country: in case something happens, you want to make sure your costs are covered. Some countries have free health-care, others don’t.
  7. With children & seniors reduced prices in restaurants etc: ask for them, as kids & seniors should never pay full price anywhere, for anything.
  8. Negotiate: everything is negotiable in life. Some countries love bargaining.
  9. Driving vs train vs Uber or similar: consider the most affordable transportation. I.e. in Italy rental cars are more expensive than in the US, but it has a wonderful, fast, air conditioned, timely train system, or Uber or Car2Go / CarSharing, in major cities, are more affordable options.
  10. Thieves: unfortunately, they are everywhere in the world, and, may always be. So, close windows, don’t leave goods in display, hold on tight to your valuable when in crowded places.
  11. Travel with your pet, on board with you, NOT cargo + a good vet: if you have questions ask us! Have a good vet in your destination place, just in case, because, unfortunately, things can happen, as they happened to my pet.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling (and that’s of course related to your finances as well)

  1. Farmer: go directly to the farms or farmers, such as farmer market, or farm itself. Often, close to the city. Skip the store (middleman) and save quite a bit!
  2. Organic: or without pesticides, so it’s natural, pure, non toxic and kind to the environment.
  3. Venture inland, not just touristy streets: the main touristy streets, will always have higher prices and, usually, more touristy food, less authentic and homemade.
  4. Google it, check reviews: Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. Other travelers look out for you and you will for them.
  5. Most times it’s OK to ask for samples: i.e. a new flavor or type of ice-cream etc, before you commit to the entire item

Please Comment below and let me know your favorite tip, or which one you found most useful. I can’t wait to hear your best travel story!

Wishing you fun and healthy travels!


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power